Ways to See Britain this Summer

Photo, Ben Guerin.


Ways to See Britain this Summer

Looking for new ways to see Britain this summer? Here are some of the best ways to see the UK from land, sea and air...

The United Kingdom is a wonderfully scenic country. Known for rolling hills, green meadows and stunning coastlines, here are some of the best ways to see Britain from land, sea and air.

Hitting the Road

Like other developed nations, Britain has an extensive network of roads, all of which connect towns and cities. No matter where you are in the UK, you’re never really a few hours’ drive from anywhere. And the backbone motorways like the A1 help you get there. In one or two days, you see the three countries of England, Wales and Scotland in your family car or a trendy RV rental for stopping at many of the nation’s camping and mobile home sites. Roving the land is a great way to reach some of the best British sites, such as Stonehenge and the walled city of York.

5 of the Greatest Ways to See Britain this Summer

Photo, Lawrence Hookham.

Scenic Railways

Beginning in 1825, the UK rail industry boomed. Today, Britain has some of the most scenic routes crisscrossing the country. The Liverpool and Manchester railways was the first “modern” intercity railway built in 1830 and still operates today as part of a wider network. However, you can venture away from the cities and deep into the British countryside for some of the most stunning vistas only visible by rail. Scotland’s West Highland Line is a great example. While the Settle to Carlisle line offers beautiful scenery through the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Ways to See Britain Includes Boats

The coastline of the UK spans over 11,000 miles. That’s a lot of things to see from a boat. First, you can gaze at the stunning and famous white cliffs in the south. Then you can make your way through the glorious blue waters of the east coast to Whitby and Scarborough. If you are more adventurous, you can traverse the treacherous North Sea, where you might see seals and walrus. However, there’s nothing quite like the enduring legacy of the southwest. Devon and Cornwall are excellent on their own. But at the right time of year, it feels like the French Riviera.

5 of the Greatest Ways to See Britain this Summer

Photo, Kyle Hinkson.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

The UK’s weather is famously unpredictable. Even so, Britain has a long history of hot air ballooning. Although it’s only possible to travel in a balloon at specific times of the year, you can take a stationary ride to get a great view of the immediate area at around 5,000 feet. But when the weather is good enough, you can take the adventure of a lifetime. Some of the best hot air ballooning spots include Bristol (the ballooning capital of the UK), Henley on Thames and the Lake District. Prices range from around £125 to £300 depending on the service.

Learn to Fly

It’s always been a dream to fly. There are many notable failures in history, such as Icarus and Daedalus. And not even DaVinci’s ornithopter could take to the skies. However, two American brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, made history when their aeroplane, the Kitty Hawk, flew for 12 seconds. Today, flying lessons are more affordable than ever and are a fantastic way to see any place in the world. Small aircraft or even gliders are a common sight in the UK, and you can get lessons from most schools in or near airports such as Liverpool JLA and Heathrow.


There are many ways you can see Britain today. These include getting out on the roads, turning the stunning coastlines, and even learning to fly a plane from the many airfields in the UK.