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Scottish craft beer pioneers BrewDog open first Iberian outpost with Barcelona craft beer bar...

It’s not just whisky that Scotland is exporting by the barrel anymore, and the people of Barcelona are about to enjoy the Scots’ expertise in a making booze of a different kind. Craft beer maker BrewDog has opened its first Spanish outpost on Carrer de Casanova in a former bank dating back to 1915 which still has some of its bulletproof glass inside. Not that the area is known for its hold-ups or anything, but good to know nonetheless — at least with the Scots in town.

The BrewDog boys have had plenty of practice at this bar-opening lark, having cut the ribbon on 12 in the last year alone. This place has space for 100 guests, with 20 beers on tap at the rough brick and smooth timbered bar. BrewDog’s irreverent outlook is reflected in some of the design choices, particularly in the wall mural that depicts Gaudí’s Sagrada Família being fondled by a giant beer-swilling octopus. They are never going to get that thing finished at this rate…


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