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Reykjavik restaurant is nicely nautical...

MAR may be in the Nordic climes of Iceland, but its food casts a wider net to the waters of the Meditteranean and beyond to the countries of South America. As you may have guessed, MAR takes its name from the Latin “mare” meaning sea, but if this had escaped you before entering, you’ll be in no doubt once in there, as the nautical influence is writ large in the interior by Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir of Reykjavik’s HAF studio.

The fishing birds decorating the entrance, the porthole on the lavatory door and the fishing nets suspending the light fittings give a salty air, while more local knowledge is needed to pick up on the black treated wood – a reference to the traditional Icelandic fishing cottages of the old harbour. Graphic designer Siggi Odds is responsible for the graphic relief representing the restaurant’s harbour setting, and if it tickles your fancy, you can pick up a print of the design, along with MAR’s bespoke tableware by ceramic designer Guðný Hafsteins, next door at Mýrin.

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