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Asian street food from a stripped back takeaway...

We love a bit of Asian street food here at We Heart, especially when the dishes’ degree of authenticity stops short of including a dose of dysentery. It is therefore with a big smile on our faces and perfect digestive health that we can introduce you to Yum Bun, bringing with it all the best elements of the Taiwanese gua bao savoury bun – a sort of Cantonese take on the kebab. Yum indeed.

This Asian import is going up against some pretty popular trend-foods (gourmet hot dog served with champagne, anyone?), but what the buns have going for them is they are quick and easy and won’t break the bank, which is reflected in the aesthetic of this flagship outlet near Old Street, London. Rowan Taylor, under the name of studio eks why zed, came up with the look here; using simple peach tiles and untreated wood for the counter and menu boards, perhaps alluding to the transient nature of some vendors who dish out the pork-filled buns from carts in their native lands. This being London, there are some suitably sophisticated fillings if you don’t dig on swine or are bursting at the belt buckle, such as salmon and spring onion. Two for £6? Go on then, since your twisting our arm…

* Yum Bun is permanently closed

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Photography, Rowan Taylor
Graphic design, Ed Taylor for eks why zed