Tørst, Greenpoint

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Tørst, Greenpoint

Woody flavour marks Brooklyn's new imported beer bar...

Beer? Brooklyn? Go on then. The Greenpoint neighbourhood is about to be shown the way forward in ale consumption with the unveiling of Tørst, a Danish beer bar with a name and layout to suggest this is one for the serious (albeit responsible) drinker. Tørst translates as thirst, and if didn’t have one when you walked in, you soon will have.

Elegant and understated, with just the right amount of gloss to put a nice head on things, Tørst features a bar with a 21-strong stretch of taps designed by Californian Gabe Gordon, each capable of adjusting temperature and pressure to suit each pour. The beer menu contains some brews never before encountered on American soil, delivered by the award-winningly skilful Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, he of Denmark’s Evil Twin Brewing. While the Dane is broadening the Brooklyn beer-drinkers’ horizons, project leader and chef (formerly of The Fat Duck and Noma) Daniel Burns will be opening up Luksus, a 26-seat restaurant stashed away behind the bar.

Design firm hOmE, with its beautiful chevroned, striped and parquet wood, has given refreshed patrons plenty of potential pitfalls to negotiate, but as long as you can remember which way is up, you’re probably OK for another…

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Photography, Bryan K. Levin


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