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Savour the taste of modern Spain in old world surrounds...

With its colonial history, Singapore has always been a melting pot of styles and influences, so it’s no surprise then to find a new Spanish tapas bar opening – in Chinatown.

Speaking of empires, the driving force behind Equinas is hotelier and restaurateur Loh Lik Peng, the man who has put Hotel 1929, Wanderlust, Jing and Cocotte on the map. Peng it seems is on a mission to revitalize the historic neighbourhoods by bringing a new and vibrant purpose to the old buildings.

Taking its name from the building’s corner location, Esquina was designed by Colombian Antonio Eraso. The exterior embraces the colonial past, while inside there are several design nods to the past, such as the lovely bar stools designed by Paul Firbank. (You can read an interview with “The Rag and Bone Man” here)

Joining Peng at the helm to provide culinary direction is Jason Atherton, the Michelin-starred protégé of megalomaniac chef Gordon Ramsey, now owner and head honcho at his own Pollen Street Social. The menu features modern Spanish tapas, such as tuna tartare (pictured), barbecued mackerel and ox cheek oloroso. Think I’ll stick to the fish if you don’t mind.

Esquina, Singapore Esquina, Singapore Esquina, Singapore

The Rag and Bone Man‘s chairs in his East London studio

Esquina, Singapore Esquina, Singapore Esquina, Singapore Esquina, Singapore