The Best Documentaries That Explain Cryptocurrencies


The Best Documentaries That Explain Cryptocurrencies

Still confused when a crypto bro starts their speech? Here are five of the best documentaries that explain cryptocurrencies...

Still confused when a crypto bro starts their speech? Listen up. Cryptocurrencies are digital monies in different blockchain that are recently trending for transactions. Such transactions can be purchasing of items, payment of services as well as paying online e.g., betting sites.

Now, in order for you to appreciate what is in crypto for you, you need information. Which is why this article is useful for you in order to give you an insight into some best documentaries on cryptocurrencies. Need more info? You can also check crypto betting for more on this subject. For now, though, let’s have a look at five of the best cryptocurrency documentaries around…

The Best Documentaries That Explain Cryptocurrencies

1. Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

In this documentary, there is a review and explanation about angry customers of a cryptocurrency exchange that went out of business. This is what you will witness in the sensationalist documentary on Netflix in which the former CEO of the company stole their money and fled the country. By this, you will be aware of the risks to avoid as you invest in cryptocurrencies, not because they are not rewarding. The fact is that there are scammers who specialise in stealing investors’ fortune, and you cannot afford to ignore this. Therefore, this show is important and useful for you which is one of the benefits of this documentary.

You can watch this documentary on Netflix with focuses on Gerald W. Cotten.

2. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

A filmmaker by the name Nicholas Mross made The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin in 2014. In this documentary, multiple companies and individuals that have had a significant impact on Bitcoin’s growth are in the video. At Tribeca Film Festival, it had its world premiere on 23 April, 2014 in New York City

3. Explained

This episode of the Netflix series known as Explained, is produced by Vox Media. It investigates and unpacks the issues of the modern world, with a focus on the complexity of cryptocurrencies; explaining what cryptocurrency is, how it operates, and where it may be heading in the future. Furthermore, this video from 2018 provides an introduction to the fundamentals of virtual currencies, as well as the technologies, regulations, and investment opportunities associated with them.

The Best Documentaries That Explain Cryptocurrencies

4. Cryptopia

The content of Cryptopia documentary tells us more about Bitcoin, blockchains, and the future of the internet; and takes a deep dive into the crypto ecosystem and blockchain technology, to discover the positives, negatives, and ugly aspects of this controversial industry, as well as the major narratives, conflicts, and major players behind it.

This documentary asks, “can we truly trust them to establish this trustless cyberutopia, or are their initiatives just as unfairly distributed and readily manipulated as our current financial systems and technology platforms?” this documentary gives you great insight into the cryptos, especially the leading ones.

5. Banking on Bitcoin

The radical utopians on one side and mainstream capitalists on the other are in a war of ideas. The documentary Banking on Bitcoin examines the revolutionary technology known as Bitcoin as well as the people who are vying to determine how this technology will impact our lives in the future.

Cannucciari insists throughout the film that Bitcoin is the currency of the future. This documentary uses Bitcoin professionals and supporters to convince people that Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer, non-centralised system is the future and should be in use instead of traditional banking. Businesses, government leaders, and anyone who has interest in Bitcoin technology will be better informed having watched this documentary.