German Vs American Cars: Which Ones Are Better?

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German Vs American Cars: Which Ones Are Better?

German Vs American Cars: It's an age-old argument, but let's have a look at some facts about the two car-making giants...

It’s a never-ending debate on whether an American car is better than a European car, or vice-versa. Car enthusiasts are always getting into arguments about which automaker wins the trophy for manufacturing better cars. In reality, there is no proper, bold, or single answer to this debate.

Why is that so? It is due to the fact that both manufacturers have their own audiences. Moreover, the automobiles from the fatherland vary in many ways. From different features to distinct driving dynamics to premium quality auto parts to engineering excellence as well as craftsmanship.

It all goes down to these basics of any automobile whether it is a classic modern supercar or luxurious electric motor. These factors influence worldwide comparison to arguments to debates to discussions particularly in the automotive industry and in between car fanatics.

However, you can always look into major facts and figures that would help you in making up your mind.

The one thing that isn’t up for debate is Germany has a rich heritage of car culture. They know how to build, target, and keep their loyal audience like no other.

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Let’s agree on one thing, No matter an American or European car. The automobile is bound to find its value depending on the owner to how it’s used.

German Vs American Cars: Which Ones Are Better?

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Mass Production

The Americans perfected mass production. Hence, this title truly belongs to Americans. Did you know that the first-ever car that was produced for consumers was made in America? Yes, this happened many, many years ago in Detroit, Michigan.

The United States perfected the art of mass production. This legacy was carried by Henry Ford’s Model T. Also, you will be surprised to know that the first ever car was sold for $825.

According to a study, in 93% of households within the U.S, you will find a car. This proves that almost every other American owns a car. However, the top-selling and ever-famous car brands are Japanese.

Yet, American cars will remain on the top within their audience, until they have Tesla and other lavish sportscar brands.

A Varied Audience

When it comes to German automobiles than the country has world-famous automakers. All top brands have a distinctive targeted audience. It’s safer to say that German cars are not built for the masses. However, the European automotive industry is still led by Germans and is renowned global leaders.

German Vs American Cars: Which Ones Are Better?

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The American Cars

It’s also fair enough to say that America has a rich history in automobiles. Therefore, let’s take a look at what makes American cars special.

Tesla; The Best of All Electric Cars

It is not only famous in America but it is well-known as an electric car brand worldwide.

Tesla Model 3 has a record of being the bestselling automobile within the time period of 2018 to 2019. The Tesla manufactured automobiles are highly advanced in terms of technology. Yes, one also can’t help but praise the style. Tesla is on top of its game due to timely collaborations made by Elon Musk with some world-known brands such as Dior and Louis Vuitton.

Now, if you are wondering why collaborate with fashion-related brands? Well, it is to raise the brand value among rivals. In other words, it increases its worth and raises the Tesla brand’s profile.

Are you a batmobile fan from Batman forever? Then, you will be happiest to know that company also collaborated with Disney Pixar to create Tesla version of Batmobile. Now, you will love the brand a little more.

German Vs American Cars: Which Ones Are Better?

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Ford Mustang; The Famous American Sportscar

Well, there are many American Sports-car but no other supercar could beat The Ford Mustang. Therefore, the Ford Mustang needs no introduction. It is one of the best-selling sports cars globally.

You may know Mustangs also gained their popularity from movies. For instance: The car was driven by James Bond in movies such as Goldfinger and Diamonds are forever. The other popular sports car brand also made their mark such as Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper, VLF Vector to Panoz.

So, if you are a family-oriented individual then American cars are your saviour with their reliability, build-to-last, inexpensive repair, bigger interior, affordable cost, and overall good package.

However, if you want sleek, aesthetic, superfast, luxurious, engineering masterpieces & expensive then you are more likely to prefer German cars.

German Vs American Cars: Which Ones Are Better?

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The German Cars

German is known as the epicentre of the motoring globe. If you live in Germany then you already know it is one of the best countries to own a car in. Not only because of Autobahn but the whole vibe of the country is surrounded by its rich culture of automotive industry.

German Engineering

The Germans’ engineering reputation remains untouched. Nowadays, when anyone says “German engineering” it means how well-made it is.

Revolutionised Technological Developments

The highly-qualified workforce sets new technological trends-all times. From adopting new methods to improvising engine efficiency to lightweight materials to the newest features such as car connectivity to research and development makes them world innovation leaders in the automotive industry.

German Vs American Cars: Which Ones Are Better?

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Top four German Car Brands

You already know the names but here we go.


Did you know Adolf Hitler backed the founding of Volkswagen in 1937? Yes, the abhorrent Nazi-in-chief had some serious interests in automobiles.

We mentioned Volkswagen at the top because it owns many lavish automaker brands like Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, and Bentley. Volkswagen offers a unique experience with its performance and style like no other.


The evolution era of the modern motor truly belongs to Mercedes-Benz. The brand offers a huge range of electric and hybrid powertrains and is well-known as one of the leading producers of premium automobiles.


The famous Audi is renowned for being user-friendly interior to technological advancements. It set the standard high for luxurious automobiles back in the 1980s.

Do you know Audi is initiating to send a Quattro-powered Lunar Rover to Moon? This shows, how the brand is devoted to technological progression.


BMW has experienced it all. The brand was a part of Formula One, Le Mans, series races, Karting, Touring car championships, and presently Formula E- electric racing series, contributing engines, and a lot more.

We already know enough about these engineering masterpieces with their magnificent hp to pleasant aesthetics, efficient engines, reliability, and the cost of valuable products.

So, have you made up your mind? Because it’s time to ask you, American or German cars: Which ones are better?

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