Types of Flowers and Their Meaning

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Types of Flowers and Their Meaning

Everyone loves to receive flowers, but do you know what they mean? Discover the most popular types of flowers and their meanings...

When you want to give the perfect bouquet to your significant other, friend, or family member, you should not only consider the aesthetic appeal of the blooms. Rather, you should also take the time to get to know types of flowers and what they symbolise. In doing so, your present will be more meaningful. This article lists down some of the most popular flowers along with their meaning…


There are various types of flowers that you can give to express your love to your significant other, or perhaps to someone you are interested in, just in case your relationship has not yet started to bloom. When you take the time to explore online sources, you will most likely find pretty and dainty peonies by www.flowercompany.ca which are considered as a symbolism of love, no matter their colour. To dig deeper into what flowers stand for love, refer to the list below.

Most Popular Types of Flowers and Their Meaning

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Peony, Happy Marriage: Peonies come in many colours but regardless of the particular colour you go for, this type of bloom signifies a happy marriage or a happy life in general. Thus, this is the perfect flower to give to your wife when you are celebrating your anniversary. Their large ruffled blooms and the sweet floral scent will prove to be irresistible for your wife. Apart from a happy marriage though, a bouquet of peony can also mean bashfulness or compassion, making it the best bloom to give when you want to extend your condolences to a person who just lost their loved one.

Baby’s Breath, Everlasting Love: A sign of everlasting love, a baby’s breath is also known as gypsophila. Compared to peonies, a baby’s breath is naturally white but now, there are already light pink or yellow varieties. More often than not, this flower is used as a filler in a bouquet that is composed of large blooms. However, it can make an elegant statement on its own. Thereby, this can also make a perfect gift to your significant other even when you are not celebrating any particular occasion.

Carnation, New Love: Carnations are considered to be a sign of new love, which is why this flower is popular among students, particularly those in high school. Like a peony flower, a carnation can come in a variety of colours. However, when you intend to give a bouquet of carnations to someone you are interested in, make sure that you stick with only pink or white ones. The reason behind this is that yellow carnations symbolise disdain or dislike, which is not what you may want the recipient of your bouquet to feel.

Chrysanthemum, Fidelity: Fidelity is a trait that is very important for couples and when you want to express your faithfulness to your partner, then give her a bouquet of chrysanthemum flowers. Apart from symbolising fidelity, this cheerful flower is also said to signify optimism and long life, which is why this is also the perfect flower to give to someone who is recuperating from an illness. Like a pink peony, chrysanthemums mean joy or happiness, making it also a perfect gift to a friend celebrating his or her birthday.

Most Popular Types of Flowers and Their Meaning

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Lavender, Devotion: To be in a committed relationship means that you are devoted to your partner. For this reason, one of the best flowers that you can give is lavender. It has a calming scent that is perfect for anyone who needs to be alleviated from stress. You can combine lavender with a white peony to provide a nice colour contrast to the bouquet that you will give. The best part is that you can even plant lavender in your backyard for you to enjoy its lovely aroma anytime you need to.

Rose, Love and Beauty: You can never go wrong with giving roses which generally symbolise love and beauty. Sometimes, roses are added to a peony bouquet, but usually, they make a pretty amazing bouquet on their own. While red roses are the most popular among those who wish to express their love to their significant other, you can also choose to give yellow roses to your best friend because this signifies true friendship. White roses on the other hand mean innocence while pink ones indicate admiration. Thereby, in giving these types of flowers, make sure that you get the right colour to accurately express what you want to impart.

Tulip, Perfect Love: Tulips are often seen during spring and Easter, and these blooms are commonly seen in wedding ceremonies too much like you would spot a peony flower. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that tulips, particularly the red ones, symbolise perfect love. On the other hand, if you have a friend who needs some cheering up, then go get him or her some yellow tulips but if you want to ask for forgiveness or express your apology, then white tulips are the way to go. Just like roses, before you give a bouquet of tulips, make sure that you are getting the right colour.

Most Popular Types of Flowers and Their Meaning

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Not all flowers signify love because lots of blooms are also meant to express friendship. Some flowers may have the same meaning regardless of their colour, but others have a specific colour to celebrate friendship. Yellow is usually the colour for this purpose, which is why yellow roses and yellow tulips are given between friends. Some of the other flowers that are best given to your friends are listed below.

Most Popular Types of Flowers and Their Meaning

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Sunflower, Loyalty and Happiness: Sunflower tends to be available all year round much like peonies do even if they tend to follow the sun. These bright and yellow blooms stand for loyalty and happiness, which is why these are the perfect flowers to give to your friend, especially when you want to brighten up their day. Sunflower can also represent your appreciation so someone who warms up your life. Apart from being given as a bouquet though, sunflower oils made from the seeds of the flower already found their way to the market, all the more increasing the popularity of this incredible bloom.

Anthurium, Hospitality: Anthurium is one of the most popular exotic flowers that are best placed in your home when you have guests coming. The reason behind this is that anthurium signifies hospitality and kindness, which is what you may want to emulate to your guests. In decorating your home with anthuriums, you have the option of accentuating it with a light peony flower that will provide a nice balance to the aesthetic appeal that you can create in your interior. They also pair well with other flowers such as protea, orchids, and roses.

Daisy, Youth: Daisies symbolise youth, which is why they are often given to new mothers, alongside a pink peony. They also represent innocence and purity, which is what newborns exude. The best thing about daisies is that they can be consumed as a tea, relieving you from various respiratory issues. Some manufacturers turn daisies into oils and lotions which foster the healing of skin issues such as wounds and allergies.

Gardenia, Purity and Joy: Gardenias are white and fragrant flowers that represent purity and joy, as well as refinement and elegance. More often than not, you will find a bouquet of gardenia with a white peony because the ruffles of the peony complement the size of gardenia perfectly. Apart from being given to a friend, gardenias are usually seen at weddings too and even if they tend to be a bit more expensive than other types of flowers, several people give them as Christmas gifts.

Hyacinth, Playfulness: If you have a friend who loves to play any type of sports, then the perfect flower that you can give her apart from a peony bouquet is a bouquet of hyacinth. The name of this flower is lifted from Hyakinthos, who is a Greek man favoured by the Gods. When he was killed, the flower that grew from his blood was named hyacinth. These multiple star-shaped blooms come in various colours but the length of their stem is not that long.

Iris, Faith and Hope: Another flower that makes a perfect gift for a friend is the iris which represents faith and hope. Much like peonies, irises also come in a variety of colours. However, the most popular colour of irises is blue, which is also the colour of royalty. Aside from being given to a friend, irises are also usually given to the departed because they are believed to assist your departed loved ones to move on to the afterlife.

Most Popular Types of Flowers and Their Meaning

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There are instances wherein you want to get a bouquet, not to be given to anybody special, but to simply adorn your home. If this is your purpose, then go for flowers that represent empowerment such as those listed below.

Most Popular Types of Flowers and Their Meaning

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Dahlia, Elegance: Dahlias are known to represent elegance and good taste, which is why they are the perfect decor in your home. You can accentuate a dahlia with a pink peony to add a nice colour combination to your bouquet. The large blooms of dahlias can instantly upgrade the look of your interiors because of their fullness.

Lily, Refined Beauty: Go for lilies that represent refined beauty and purity. They are also a great addition to your home, particularly when combined with white peony. You can also mix white lilies with orange ones which makes an effective colour contrast. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find these types of flowers all year round, regardless of the colour that you are after.

Orchid, Strength, Luxury, and Beauty: Orchids can offer a certain level of luxury to your interiors. They also represent strength and luxury. Like a peony bouquet, a bouquet of pink and purple orchids can instantly enhance any room. However, if you intend to give a bouquet of orchids to a friend celebrating a milestone in their life, go for yellow ones that represent new beginnings.

Daffodil, New Beginning: If you have just moved into a new place, make sure that your living room is adorned with daffodils, accentuated with white peony. Like yellow orchids, daffodils are also a sign of new beginnings, which is why they are perfect for your new home. They may sometimes be under appreciated, but daffodils offer lots of potential in beautifying your home.

Delphinium, Vivacity: Delphinium is one of the flowers that you need to watch out for when it comes to weddings because of its lean shape. However, when strategically combined with a pink peony, it makes perfect decor for your home. Delphiniums will encourage you to have a high spirit because after all, it represents vivacity. Thus, when you are feeling down, perhaps the only thing that you need is a bouquet of delphinium to get your spirits back up.

Hydrangea. Perseverance: If you need to have some form of motivation or encouragement, then make sure that your home is accentuated with bouquets of hydrangeas that are aesthetically arranged with a peony flower that has similarly large ruffles. Full-bloom hydrangeas in various colours such as white, pink, green, and blue will make your interiors truly aesthetically pleasing to lift your mood.

Lilac, Rebirth: Finally, make sure that you have a bouquet of lilac in your home particularly in spring when they are in bloom. Because they are usually associated with Easter, lilacs tend to represent rebirth or renewal. Combined with the large ruffles of peonies, lilacs make the perfect decor when you move into a new home or when you start a new job. You can even give a bouquet of lilacs to someone who just graduated as these blooms can also spark confidence.

The flowers listed above are only some of the most popular types of flowers that are often given as a gift to the people dear to you. Take the time to read through what each symbolises because, in this way, your gift will be more meaningful. There are other less known flower variants that you can consider giving to make your present unique, but just the same, it is a good idea to get to know what your flower represents for you to give the perfect bouquet.