Picking the Right Seasonal Flowers

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Picking the Right Seasonal Flowers

Eco-friendly and able to set the right mood, seasonal flowers are the perfect gift, learn how to pick the right ones for an occasion...

Flowers are always guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face and this is something which has never changed, and nor will it in the future. With this being said however you can also go the extra mile with your flower buying and focus not only on the beauty of the flower bouquet, but also focus on getting flowers which are very much in season, or perfect for a set occasion.

How To Pick The Right Seasonal Flowers To Send On Specific Occasions

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There are a number of reasons why you should look to get seasonal flowers, firstly it is a much more eco-friendly way of getting flowers as there is no need for importation or for creating false environments to grow out of season. Secondly, and most importantly, flowers that are seasonal or occasional really help to set a certain mood for the recipient; and that is what this is all about.

So how does one pick the right flower for the season and for the occasion?

Local Florists: When it comes to flower delivery Sydney really is spoiled for choice and here in the city we have some of the most fantastic florists who have worked for many years in the industry. Your first port of call therefore, when buying seasonal flowers or flowers for a special occasion, is to speak with your local florist and seek advice around what flowers usually go with a certain occasion. Always be sure to check as buying the wrong flowers for a funeral for example, well that is not going to go down well.

Online Research: Whilst all cultures utilise flowers to represent different events, in the main these are deeply rooted traditions which there is little getting away from. For this reason it is also worth having a check online to find out which are the most suitable flowers for the event which you are buying for. There is a lot of scope here too, some flowers like a white lily for example can be used to show peace and hope, which means that they are somewhat multi-purpose. Online however you will find that the rules around flowers is set in stone, and this should provide you with some help.

How To Pick The Right Seasonal Flowers To Send On Specific Occasions

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Follow Growers on Social Media: There are many growers online who will specialise in certain flowers during certain seasons and following them on social media will help you greatly with this. Not only is this an informative way to spend your time on social media but what these men and women do, and the passion which they show is truly remarkable. You will be able to see not only what they are harvesting but also what they are planting for upcoming seasons.

Asking The Question: Not everyone follows the traditional route and that is why sometimes it may be nice to ask, if it is possible. For example if there is a wedding taking place then by all means ask the couple if they are going traditional or opting for a different flower theme. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is to just come out and ask.

Above all, it is important that you recognise that there are very much certain flowers which are earmarked for particular events, and it is worth sticking to that.