HDK Academy of Design and Crafts, Together

Lene Vestlin, Pjäs. Photo, Sara Bergqvist

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HDK Academy of Design and Crafts, Together

Gothenburg school's design students turn their attentions to the complexity of togetherness...

Having already delved into Stories by the Water, an exhibition by HDK’s Academy of Design and Crafts (12 students interpreting local Swedish traditions through design), we now turn our attention to the Gothenburg college’s coinciding show: Together.

HDK Academy of Design and Crafts, Together at Milan Design Week

Charlotta Åman, Pirum. Photo, Sara Bergqvist

‘By being together we define who we are. We grow through the interaction with others. But being together is not always something positive and pleasant, it is about being dependent of one another’. That’s the interpretation of togetherness they worked towards.

With this in mind, the 10 students behind the project created objects whereby material, function and experience convey a different meaning of what being together really is; be it objects that ‘communicate the complexity of being together’, or those that ‘reinforce, paralyse, embellish, liberate and destruct’. Quite.

Unio, an incomplete bench and chair, is a particular favourite; its designer Tina Hjortmar informing us that ‘as two individual objects, one needs the other to function properly, yet together, they create a strong and stable artefact with a clear function’.

Tina Hjortmar

Tina Hjortmar, Unio. Photo, Christian Strömqvist

Anna Spaak

Anna Spaak, 120°. Photo, Sara Bergqvist

Nils Bengtsson Blomstrand

Nils Bengtsson Blomstrand, Vesuvio. Photo, Sara Bergqvist

Sara Bergqvist

Sara Bergqvist, Lav. Photo, Sara Bergqvist

Caroline Eriksson

Caroline Eriksson, Connesso. Photo, Sara Bergqvist

Elin Wall

Elin Wall, Unity. Photo, Christian Strömqvist