Victor Castanera, Undae #2

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Victor Castanera, Undae #2

Barcelona designer Victor Castanera shows off his killer waves, with seaside-inspired new collection...

Inspired by waves in both sea and sand, Barcelona product designer Victor Castanera set about creating Undae #2; a collection made up of a cup, small and larger vase, board, and table. Using a process to create textures that flow within the objects, Castanera tells us that Undae #2 “shows the beauty of imperfection and diversity”.

As is the case with nature, each and every wave is different to the next, something the designer has captured in this collection by pouring an ecological resin into a mould and separating it into layers; giving a textured appearance. To finish, a white resin was used — representing the sea foam produced when waves hit the sand — and taking on the role of imitating sand, subsequently mixed with wood, flour and sawdust.

Victor Castanera
Undae #2
Barcelona product designer Victor Castanera