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Apt. Amsterdam

Local design studio turn your living room on its head, at topsy-turvy Amsterdam cocktail bar...

Occupying Odeon, the same former Amsterdam brewery (dating back to 1662) as craft beer bar HOPPA!, local designers concrete have added a more refined drinking den to the multi-faceted entertainment venue. Where HOPPA! packs a punch with growlers and a vivid nod to the House of Orange royals, Apt. subverts the classic NYC cocktail bar; leading you through a copper bar — inspired vodka pot stills — to a topsy-turvy ‘living room’, where the ceilings are walls, and the walls floors.

Artworks adorning the walls … ceilings … come courtesy of local representatives PUP agency, a mixed bag of furnishings lend Apt.’s living room its homely feel, the back bar is a ‘wooden cabinet’ turned 90° to complete the room’s disorientation.

Apt. Amsterdam
Apt Odeon Amsterdam
Odeon cocktail bar amsterdam
Apt Amsterdam

Photography, wouter van der sar for concrete