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The Penrose

Two lads from Cork stir things up in Manhattan's stuffy Upper East Side with The Penrose...

The Upper East Side of Manhattan is known as a bit of a stright-laced kind of neighbourhood, but if anyone could get the locals to lighten up and enjoy life a little more, it’s the two lads from Cork who co-own this gastropub. The Irish influence at The Penrose — named after a Cork neighbourhood — is subtle but important; there’s Murphy’s stout on tap, Irish cheddar on the cheeseburgers, and a grand selection of Irish whiskies.

There’s also a laid-back atmosphere to the place which is rare in these parts, and it’s ging down a storm. No one is going to mind the poshers further scuffing up the floorboards with their expensive shoes while indulging in a spot of after work dancing. Similarly the bar, made from reclaimed timber, is made for use rather than ornament, with a lengthy list of draught and craft beers happening. Those arriving late may find the attractive brown leather booths taken, in which case there’s the choice of perching on a stool, grabbing a picnic table, or opting to get sociable on a communal dining table.


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