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dóttir's chef turns to her familial heritage to bring traditional Nordic cuisine to Berlin...

Icelandic moss? Dried seaweed? Chef Victoria Eliasdóttir has delved deep into her Scandinavian heritage to devise the menu at Berlin-Mitte restaurant dóttir. As well as Icelandic, Danish and Swedish blood running through her veins, the young chef has spent time picking up some of the region’s delicacies in several Icelandic kitchens, as well as those in the warmer climes of Sao Paulo and Berkeley. Nordic root vegetables, Baltic Sea fish and Scandinavian mountain herbs are some of the regional treats in store at the Mittelstrasse restaurant.

Berlin restaurateurs Stephan Landwehr and Boris Radczun are the figures behind dóttir, and have contributed to the interior by supplying artwork from their personal collections. The furniture includes some antique pieces and there are vintage objects from the 1930s and ’50s on show too, such as the beautiful old mirror above a bar of yellow travertine limestone. Some bespoke features installed as part of the renovation are the wooden floorboards and a made-to-measure sofa. The three spaces are a dining room, a bar, and an open kitchen, and they are all framed against a backdrop of original plasterwork.

dóttir Berlin dóttir Berlin dóttir Berlin dóttir Berlin

Photography, Stefan Korte