WarsawEating Out


Chequer out eatery dinette in Wroclaw, which is all laid out for fun and games...

It’s the little things that make the difference, so they say, and Polish architectural designers BUCK.STUDIO have added lots of nice touches to their work on dinette in the western city of Wroclaw. Take the menus, for example. When the ordering is over, a quick flip over reveals the black and white pattern that runs throughout the venue, which can be used as a chequers board for a swift game while the food is prepared. Nice, eh?

There’s a 1950s feel to the interior of dinette Wroclaw — cast your eyes upwards and observe the squadron of flying saucer-ey hand-made light fittings hovering above the central communal table. Smaller groups of one or two can find more intimate places to sit against the far wall, looking out of the window at the cityscape or back into the café where a huge marble-topped wooden sideboard surrounding the kitchen island towers to the ceiling. Goodness knows what’s in the top drawers, but you’ll need a long pair of legs or some step-ladders to find out.


dinette Wroclawdinette Wroclawdinette Wroclawdinette Wroclawdinette Wroclawdinette Wroclawdinette Wroclaw

dinette Wroclaw
Photography, Marcin Pawlowski