SeattleEating Out


Everything is shipshape at Seattle's light-hearted lakeside restaurant...

If you like to work up a serious appetite before you eat, then Seattle restaurant Westward may be the ideal place to dine out. Located on the north shore of Lake Union, the venue offers a 150ft dock for boat mooring, but also suggests you arrive by kayak or paddle board for a drink or a bite to eat – all that exercise would certainly lessen the guilt over any dessert treats you may want to indulge in, and it’s certainly a handy way of avoiding the traffic, but do go easy on the wine if you have to paddle home again.

A magnificent view of the lake, lined with the Sleepless in Seattle houseboats, is of course the major draw, and outdoor dining on the waterfront is recommended. When it turns a little chillier (or, dare we suggest, rains), head indoors for a good-humoured take on the vintage yacht club à la Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic – you’ll be greeted by a portrait of Steve Zissou and a few other salty sea-dogs at the entrance. The nautical theme continues with light shades made from recycled sail cloth, timber pilings doubling as pillars, a wrecked boat above the bar (symbolic perhaps), and rope cleats are dotted all around as handy places to hang a bag or coat.


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