The Jane

Images 1, 2 and 10:
Photography, Richard Powers
Styling, Piet Boon® Styling and Annelies Morris Images 4, 6, 7, and 9:
Photography, Rahi Rezvani Images 3, 5 and 8:
Courtesy, .PSLAB

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The Jane

Beirut bulb maestros create the shining centrepiece at Antwerp chapel restaurant...

They say food is the new religion (or I read it in a Sunday supplement), and in the Belgian city of Antwerp this is truer than ever. Michelin-starred Sergio Herman and restaurateur Nick Bril are welcoming a growing flock at The Jane – formerly the chapel of a military hospital in the city’s Groen Kwartier.

Providing the foundation for the restaurant is the magnificent chapel interior, skilfully restored – save for the artistically distressed ceiling – by design studio Piet Boon. On top of that great work are layered two more outstanding contributions. The first comes from Studio Job, who are responsible for bringing some colour back to the windows in true chapel style. Some of the designs are much more contemporary than the usual religious scenes though; a staggering 500 panels have been made bearing images of sunflowers, ice cream cones, cakes and penguins (!?) along with more traditional Christian motifs.

It’s not often we single out lighting for a special mention, but when it’s the star of the show (alongside the food of course) it’s certainly certainly warranted. Lebanese studio .PSLAB created what is very much the piece de résistance at the centre of the vast dining area. Weighing in at 800 kilograms (and securely fastened to the ceiling), the brilliant chandelier installation measures 12 metres lengthways and consists of around 150 bulbs. Dazzling.


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