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Relaxed restaurant at glitzy hotel gives diners the soft-shell...

Considering this restaurant is housed in the rather glamorously-named James Royal Palm Hotel, Miami; Catch is a surprisingly unpretentious, almost diner-like affair, seemingly aimed at the age-group more accustomed to taking the edge off the balmy Floridian evening heat with a margarita rather than sipping a champagne concoction in a cocktail dress. A couple of retro aspects of the interior, continuing the theme of the hotel as a whole, are the exposed brickwork rising high up the walls carrying the ghostly remnants of hand-painted advertising, and the booth seating, whose aquamarine upholstery along with the coppery-gold light fittings have that strong Latin American flavour you love to taste in Miami.

Speaking of flavour, as the name suggests, Catch serves up the best of the ocean’s bounty prepared seven ways from Sunday by head chef and Vietnamese ex-pat Hung Huynh, who won the Top Chef TV series. If there’s one thing Hung’s home country excels at, it’s cooking and eating seafood – practically a national pastime – so you can expect great things from your meal here. This two-floor South Beach venue is a spin-off from the original up north in Manhattan, by the way. If we liked puns (and who are we kidding, we love puns), we might say Catch is prawn for design-heads and foodies alike…

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Photography, Gary Landsman