Camper Malmö


Camper Malmö

Lightweight interior lends weight to shoe store...

A little cheer usually echoes around We Heart Towers when the carrier-pigeon arrives with news of another Camper store opening up. We always reserve judgement on places until we’ve given them a thorough once-over, but the Spanish shoe seller rarely put a foot wrong – take a look at their places in Tokyo, Rotterdam, Bologna and Osaka for proof if it were needed. This latest Malmö branch is no misstep either.

Each of the aforementioned stores are devised by a different firm, and Note Design Studio is responsible for the Malmö premises. Regular readers (that’s all of you, right?) may remember seeing the name before in a feature on the brilliant Café Foam and more recently at the Loka Brunn spa hotel, and the Camper project certainly bears the studio’s signature style.

Colourful, lightweight and unobtrusive, the display stands and trolleys designed exclusively for Camper Malmö give scope for easy reconfiguration when the footwear needs shifting around, and this portability subconsciously reflects the dynamic nature of the product. The slim, almost flimsy, build of the stands also gives the shoes an extra sturdy feeling in comparison. Camper and Note: a perfect fit.

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Photography, Felix Gerlach