Camper Bologna


Camper Bologna

A study in shoe store chic...

Nothing makes us happier at We Heart than when a chain-store company puts the effort in on the design front, and no one has given us more to smile about than Spanish footwear outfit Camper. Their previous offerings in Japan and Holland have been out of the top drawer, and they show no signs of slacking off with their latest store in Bologna, Italy.

Hipster students in the university city will be beating a path to this cool little number, but they’d better be quick, as what this shoe shop seems to be lacking most is a great deal of shoes. But the relative dearth of daps has given interior architects from Isabel Lopez Vilalta room to create a piece of Mediterranean magic, with bleached wood and sand-blasted stone all over the shop. Ancient-looking clay amphora contrast with more modern corrugated plastic partitions, revolving mirrors and a dash or two of fluorescence.

The designers talk about a “visual poem” – not sure about that, but it’s certainly a place which expresses itself very well.

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