ISA, Williamsburg

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ISA, Williamsburg

Restaurant has diners pining for the Med...

I’m so sick of the word ‘hipster’, sick of hearing it, reading it, hell I’m sick of typing it for that matter. I’m looking for something new, so how about TWISTers, or Those Wearing Ill-fitting Silly Trousers? Better submissions welcome through the comments section. Anyway, whatever you want to call them, they will be straining the seams on those trousers for this restaurant; the location is Williamsburg, Brooklyn – the food is Mediterranean, the décor is wall-to-wall wood, and the whole place has more angles than a Tarantino script.

Talking of scripts, there’s plenty to feed your brain as well as your stomachs here at ISA, regular cultural evenings take over the second floor; with performances, lectures and parties hosted by artists, writers, comedians, creative entrepreneurs and many more besides.

Design-wise, Taavo Somer is architect, designer and craftsman of ISA. If you can touch it, eat off it or sit on it, chances are Somer carved or planed it himself – the New York Times dubbed him the “godfather of urban woodsmen” and there is certainly plenty of tree here. Goodness knows what his fire insurance premium is like. Geometric shaping has given the fixtures and fittings at ISA lots of visual interest, while the menu – designed around sharing plates of simply cooked fare – helps create that convivial interaction between diners. More than enough to warm the cockles of your heart on a chilly New York City evening.

ISA, Brooklyn

Courtesy of Leslie Williamson

ISA, Brooklyn ISA, Brooklyn

Courtesy of Leslie Williamson

ISA, Brooklyn ISA, Brooklyn ISA, Brooklyn ISA, Brooklyn