Gudpaka Lamp, gt2P

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Gudpaka Lamp, gt2P

Alpaca wool lampshade is bold but beautiful...

Lighting? Pet? Wig? Chilean studio, Great Things to People (gt2P), have fashioned this fabulously eccentric, oversized lampshade from MDF, plywood, and the hair of a shaggy, llama-like South American creature, the alpaca. Frivolous and oh-so superficial it may be – if Dieter Rams saw it he’d probably go red in the face, and wave his ten principles of good design around like a traffic warden who’s just missed a catch – but who cares? It’s fun, it’s brave, it’s bold, and exceptionally beautiful too – and we want one. Now…

Gudpaka Lamp, gt2P Gudpaka Lamp, gt2P Gudpaka Lamp, gt2P Gudpaka Lamp, gt2P