Ford Evos Concept Launch, Berlin


Ford Evos Concept Launch, Berlin

Muscly new concept signals brand's future design DNA...

If you’re looking to make a brave statement about revolutionising the creative elements of your business, then where better a place to do this than Berlin; the vibrant city famed for pioneering unconventional thinking and subversive creativity.

That’ll be why we were whisked off to the German capital at the break of dawn this morning, and ushered into Station Berlin, a former train station that now acts as a particularly stylish, industrial exhibition space. Ford‘s bigwigs are here in force. There’s Stephen Odell, Chairman and CEO of Ford Europe, J Mays – the company’s Chief Creative Officer – and Chief Technical Officer; Paul Mascarenas.

There’s canapés, wine, and a big flashy exhibition stand; the lights dim, the music programmer’s easy option – Intro by The xx – kicks in, and the bigwigs set about bandying around corporate car speak, and made up words; like “premiumness”…

Ford Evos Concept Launch, Berlin

There’s an awful lot of journalists here who know their stuff when it comes to 4-wheeled vehicles, not play acting at it like us; they know their cars, and no doubt could change a cam belt before we’ve Googled a local garage on our iPhone, but we put up a front, nod in the right places, clap in the right places and, as we listen to J Mays talk about lines, sculptured aesthetics and “global design DNA”… it actually begins to make sense. Ford are presenting a concept that will shape their output for years to come, a new global design language that informs everything they do as a brand. Hell, they’re passionate, and they’ve got us on board…

Ford Evos Concept Launch, Berlin

More music, more drama, some projection mapping on the exhibition stand, some smoke – we might be getting excited now and have made that up – and then it breaks, like a Gremlin’s cocoon, the stand breaks; revealing what everyone is here for. The concept. The new, global design DNA. The future of Ford. We’re actually quite excited by now, and in all fairness, the concept doesn’t disappoint. It’s slick. Muscly, and premium. Yes, it displays “premiumness”, in fact, it looks like an Aston Martin bred with a Mustang, and in that, it’s the most exciting, good looking Ford since they rolled out Steve McQueen for their Puma. The headlights are sleek, the curves are natural and it looks like an Italian thoroughbred with a chip on its shoulder. It’s brave, meaty, most definitely worth sitting through that corporate ‘car-speak’. Ford Evos, we approve…

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