Best Synthetic Urine Kits


Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Best synthetic urine kits: The top five fake pee brands to pass a drug test...

Whether it’s for school or at work, you can be asked to take a drug test for multiple reasons, and failing it can result in major consequences. Modern drug tests can detect a wide range of substances, including alcohol, and even a minute amount in your system can appear as a red flag on your report, something you definitely don’t want.

This is why we have made a list of the best synthetic urine kits to help you clear any crucial drug test effortlessly.

The majority of schools and companies in the US drug-screen their students and employees once every few weeks, and coming out clear is a compulsory requirement. You can also be asked to take a drug examination for court evidence in many legal situations, and failing that can result in heavy fines and even jail time.

And with modern drug testing technology, even trace amounts can result in a negative report. So even if you’re an occasional user, you can fail a drug test pretty easily. The solution? Use a synthetic urine kit.

After thoroughly researching the market, and considering dozens of synthetic urine brands, we’ve compiled a list of the top synthetic urine kits. Use these kits to make a clean, urine sample and pass your drug test effortlessly.

Best Synthetic Urine Kits

1 – Clear Choice Incognito Belt – Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit, Editor’s Pick
2 – Quick Luck – Undetectable Liquid Synthetic Urine
3 – Sub Solution – Premium, 100% Effective Powdered Synthetic Urine
4 – Urinator – Compact Electronic Urine Warmer
5 – Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit – Best Results and Reviews, Editor’s Pick

#1. Clear Choice Incognito Belt: Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit, Editor’s Pick

Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit, Editor’s Pick

The overall best synthetic urine kit out there, to kick off our list, we have the Incognito Belt by Clear Choice.

Even at a time when many states are legalizing recreational substances, drug tests are pretty common in the educational and professional sectors. There are many reasons you could be asked to take a urine test at school or at your workplace. The result goes permanently on your record so you definitely don’t want substances you only use occasionally showing up on the report.

To ease your difficulty, Clear Choice has come up with an effective solution, the Incognito Belt!

One of the most seasoned synthetic urine brands in the market, Clear Choice has over a decade of experience in the drug testing field. The brand has helped hundreds of people pass their drug screenings with flying colors. Although Clear Choice has a wide range of products, its Incognito Belt is by far, the most popular among its loyal customers.

The Incognito Belt is a complete but compact kit that comes with a 3.5 ounces bladder bag, premixed synthetic urine, heating pads, a Velcro adjustable belt, and a temperature strip, along with instructions.

The Clear Choice Incognito Belt is a complete urine kit that you can wear around your waist. The adjustable Velcro belt can easily be worn under clothes and is 100 percent undetectable.

The belt is suitable for all waist sizes so you don’t have to worry about that as well.

The plastic, leak-proof bladder bag is attached to the belt. This belt contains around 100 milliliters of premixed synthetic urine, enough for a drug test sample. You can use the whole apparatus for two drug tests.

The synthetic urine that comes with the Incognito Belt is prepared with a special formula that Clear Choice has designed after years of research. This formula perfectly matches the chemical composition of real human urine. However, where real human urine contains germs, the synthetic urine in the kit is sterilized and free of bacteria.

Many different chemical compounds such as uric acid, ammonia, urea, and amino acids along with different ions are present in normal urine. These compounds are present in the Clear Choice synthetic pee as well.

The kit is extremely simple to use and comes with complete instructions. Wear the belt around your waist and hide it under your shirt. You will find a small tube coming out of the bag. This tube will also have a clip stopping the flow. Once you’re ready to give the test sample, all you have to do is open this clip and let the fake urine flow into the test cup. Close the tube when you’ve collected enough and that is all!

The Incognito Belt has received some amazingly positive customer reviews, which you can view as well on the brand’s official site. Users especially love the belt’s convenient design and how it’s completely undetectable. With the Clear Choice Incognito Belt, passing drug tests will become a piece of cake for you!


– Overall best fake urine kit on the market
– Well reputed brand
– A compact kit that has everything
– High-quality synthetic urine
– Comes with heating pads to keep the sample warm
– Adjustable Valero belt that fits all waist sizes
– Can be worn undetectably under clothes


– Comparatively expensive at $125

Click here to visit the official website of Incognito Belt

#2. Quick Luck: Undetectable Liquid Synthetic Urine

Undetectable Liquid Synthetic Urine

Another amazing product by Clear Choice, next up on our list, we have the Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine! With the undetectable fake pee that comes with it, the Quick Luck kit is your easy ticket to a clean urine test, especially if you’re short on time.

You can find a variety of synthetic urine kits on the market, but not all of them guarantee that their fake urine is undetectable. Especially with the advancements in drug testing technology, the examination can now reveal if the urine sample given by the subject is real human urine or a fake synthetic one.

This is something you can never take a risk on. Getting caught using a fake synthetic urine sample won’t only be a cause of embarrassment but could also result in serious consequences and even legal action.

Clear Choice is among the very few brands that actually guarantee that their synthetic urine is 100 percent undetectable, even with the most latest drug testing equipment. The company has formulated its formula after years of research and it almost perfectly matches the composition of real human urine.

The fake urine even has the same specific pH and specific gravity as that of real urine. The only thing you’ll have to be careful about is the temperature of your sample. But don’t worry, the Quick Luck kit comes with an easy solution for that too.

With the provided heat activator powder, heating pads, and precise temperature strip, you can control the temperature of your sample to exactly 37 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature of normal human urine.

The kit is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is pour enough of the synthetic urine into the provided test vial and you’re good to go.

The kit does have one shortcoming and it’s that it does not provide a way to sneak the sample into the test. However, you can try hiding your prepared test vial in your pocket or in your shoes.

The Quick Luck kit is suitable for use by both men and women. The synthetic urine included in the kit is completely free from biocides or any additives that may give away the fake sample. Just sneak the sample into the examination and you’re good to go.

The product has received some amazing customer reviews which are available on Clear Choice’s official website. Users have had a wonderful experience using the Quick Luck kit and the majority of them recommend it over other kits available in the market.

The kit also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which gives you the freedom to return the product for a full refund, in case you are unsatisfied.

In case you have any questions about the product, reach out to Clear Choice’s amazing customer support which is available 24/7. You will receive full instructions on how to use the kit, however, if you still have any questions, feel free to contact them through mail or phone.


– Undetectable liquid synthetic urine
– Well researched formula
– Suitable for both men and women
– Same specific pH and specific gravity as that of human urine
– Temperature strip to help you set your sample temperature
– 30-day money-back guarantee
– Amazing customer service


– Does not provide a way to hide synthetic urine in the test

Click here to visit the official website of Quick Luck

#3. Sub Solution: Premium, 100% Effective Powdered Synthetic Urine

Premium, 100% Effective Powdered Synthetic Urine

Next up, we have the Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine. Where there are many premixed liquid fake urine kits available in the market, this kit comes with powdered urine and the sample has to be prepared prior to the examination.

The complete kit includes a plastic preparation bottle with a spout cap and temperature strip, heating pads to set the temperature of your test sample, a glass bottle containing the powdered urine, and a test vial.

The preparation process is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes. The first thing you’ll have to do is take three ounces of distilled water. The emphasis is on distilled water here, do not, in any case, use tap water. A lot of rookie users use tap water to prepare their fake urine and get caught because of this mistake. Make sure you keep this in mind!

Once you have poured water into the bottle, empty the powdered urine vial into it and shake thoroughly. Thorough mixing is important so that you have a consistent solution and no powdered mass settles at the bottom. This solution will have the same texture as that of real human urine.

Once this solution is ready, all you have to do is add the heat activator mix a while before your drug test to set the sample temperature and that is all! You can only use the synthetic urine sample within 1o hours of adding the heat activator powder so keep that in mind. Don’t use the sample after that or you might end up getting caught!

Due to Sub Solution’s precisely created formula, the solution will match the chemical composition of real urine. It will contain all chemical compounds found in real human urine including urea, ammonia, creatinine, and uric acid. Although make sure to set the temperature precisely by measuring from the temperature strip so the sample feels as natural as possible.

The Sub Solution Synthetic urine kit has a much longer shelf life as compared to other kits as it is in powdered form. You can even keep your prepared solution for days without worrying that it might go bad.

The product can be comfortably used by both men and women. You can get the complete kit for $85 from Clear Choice’s official website. There are many shady brands out there that imitate Clear Choice due to its huge success, so make sure to only buy its products from the company’s official store.

The Sub Solution synthetic urine kit has a high rate of customer satisfaction which is evident from the dozens of amazing customer reviews available on the brand’s site. The product has helped many users pass their drug tests without difficulty.


– Premium powdered synthetic urine kit
– Comparatively longer shelf life
– Made with a precise formula that imitates real urine
– Unisex product
– Easier to store
– High rate of customer satisfaction


– Not the best kit for on-spot use

Click here to visit the official website of Quick Luck

#4. Urinator: Compact Electronic Urine Warmer

Urinator: Compact Electronic Urine Warmer

One of the main reasons why the majority of folks get caught trying to use fake synthetic urine is that their sample is not of the right temperature. Lab attendants with their years of experience can tell in a second whether a subject is using fake urine just by feeling the temperature of the test vial.

This is why, even if you have prepared the perfect synthetic urine sample, you will end up failing your drug test and wasting your efforts if it is not of the right temperature! The solution? Say hello to the Urinator!

The Urinator is a state-of-the-art urine warmer that works to keep your test sample warm without changing its composition. The device works electronically and runs on batteries that can be changed.

The whole kit includes a 100 ml leakproof bag, a silicon heater to heat the solution, and a steel rod that accurately measures temperature. The heater is attached to an electronic controller which you can use to set your desired temperature.

One of the best things about the Urinator is that it provides you with a way to sneak your sample into the drug test. The leakproof bag can be easily worn under clothes and is completely undetectable.

The kit is incredibly easy to use and also comes with complete instructions. The first thing you’ll have to do is pour your pre-prepared synthetic urine into the leakproof bag. Once that is done, set your desired temperature and let the Urinator work its magic! Keep reading the temperature scale attached to the bag.

Once the liquid reaches your desired temperature, turn off the Urinator. The bag has an insulation covering that will keep your urine sample at the right temperature. The recommended temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. This is the normal human body temperature which is also the temperature of normal urine.

The Urinator can be used to warm multiple samples, and when the batteries run dry, you can simply replace them and keep using the device.

Customers have given The Urinator some very positive reviews. Users have loved the feature that it is reusable and can be hidden beneath clothing! On the company’s official website, you can read these comments for yourself. And if you run into any problems while operating the kit, you can always get in touch with customer service, which is available 24/7!

The product is unisex, which means that both men and women can use it. A bit pricey in comparison to other fake urine kits on our list, the entire kit costs $ 189.95.


– Best electronic urine warmer on the market
– Leak-proof, insulated UV bag
– Simple and easy-to-use design
– Precise temperature measurements
– Can be undetectably worn under clothes
– Can be used to heat multiple samples


– A bit on the expensive side
– Batteries cannot be charged and must be replaced when empty

Click here to visit the official website of Urinator

#5. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit: Best Results and Reviews, Editor’s Pick

Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit: Best Results and Reviews, Editor's Pick

Last on our list, we have the Test Clear Powdered Synthetic Urine kit, one of the most successful fake urine kits on the market.

Test Clear is a well-reputed brand that has more than 23 years of experience in the drug testing field. The company has released a wide range of products to help people pass their drug screenings but its powdered urine kit is by far the most successful one. According to the company claim, the kit has never failed in its history!

The package comes with two air-activated warmers for heating the sample, a vial containing the powdered urine, and another one that holds 50 ml for making the synthetic urine solution. To precisely measure the sample temperature, the package also includes a temperature strip.

The kit is really simple to use. Just add distilled water to the test vial after adding the powdered pee. For the best solution, vigorously shake the vial. Keep shaking till there is no residue settling at the bottom. The solution needs to be consistent for it to be 100 percent undetectable.

When your sample is prepared, heat it using the provided heaters. For this purpose, attach the two air-activated heaters on the opposite side of the vial where the temperature strip is attached. To ensure that your sample is at the proper temperature, keep monitoring the temperature strip.

The synthetic urine solution you will make will not only have the same color and texture as that of real human urine but it will also smell like it. However, you do not have to worry about hygiene because the powder is sterilized and completely free of germs.

Test Clear powdered urine has a 100 percent success rate and has never been detected, even in the most advanced drug tests. You can check out some amazingly positive customer reviews on the brand’s official website. Customers especially love the fact that the final solution looks and even smells like real human urine. Moreover, the 100 percent success rate is highly praised by users.

Test Clear’s official website is extremely elaborate and you can find a ton of information on it about the product, along with tips and tricks on how to pass drug tests. The detailed FAQ section has a lot of useful information which you can use to get the best results out of the product.

In case you have any queries about the product, feel free to reach out to Test Clear’s amazing customer support which is available 24/7 to assist you.


– Top-rated synthetic urine kit
– 100% success rate
– Created by Test Clear, an experienced brand
– Perfectly imitates real human urine
– Comes with air-activated heaters
– Easy preparation
– Most affordable kit on our list at $ 49.95


– Can occasionally be out of stock due to high demand

Click here to visit the official website of Urine Simulation

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a laboratory-created substance that imitates real human urine. Synthetic urine or fake pee has a chemical composition and properties similar to that of real urine which makes it undetectable. It contains all the chemical compounds found in real urine including urea, ammonia, uric acid, and creatinine.

Not just chemical composition but synthetic pee also has the same pH, gravity, texture, color, and even smell as that of real human urine.

You might think that fake pee is actually something you can only use for pranks but that is not all. With the advancements in technology and research in this field, we now have synthetic urine formulas that are so similar to real urine, they can be used as clean samples to pass drug tests! A lot of people nowadays use synthetic urine in important drug tests and clear them with flying colors, effortlessly!

Where you can also choose the option of asking your most sober friend for a urine sample to use in your test, there is no guarantee that your clean sample is actually “clean”. Synthetic urine kits by reputable brands, as included in our list, guarantee that the sample you create using them will be 100 percent clean.

Don’t worry about getting caught as well, because synthetic urine is completely undetectable. This is due to its striking resemblance to real urine in composition, chemical properties, appearance, and smell. Just prepare a clean sample using any of our kits and hand it over to the lab examiner confidently!

Types of Synthetic Urine

Lab-created synthetic urine is available in two distinct types, depending on its state. These two types are liquid and powdered, and you can choose either of them depending on your preference and convenience. Both these types have their own pros and cons. Let’s have a detailed look at them.

Liquid Synthetic Urine

The first type we are going to discuss is liquid synthetic urine. This type is available in liquid form and comes pre-prepared in leak-proof plastic bottles.

Liquid synthetic urine is extremely easy to use and there is no need to mix anything. Since the solution is already prepared and ready for use, all you have to do is pour enough into the sample cup and you’re good to go!

Liquid synthetic urine is prepared with a special formula that includes all the chemical components of real human urine. It has the same pH, the same specific gravity, the same texture, and even the same smell as that of human urine.

Due to its striking resemblance to real human urine, liquid synthetic urine is practically undetectable even in the most advanced drug test!

However, one thing you’ll have to be careful about while making a sample with liquid synthetic urine is the sample temperature. This temperature is something that can give off your fake sample if it is not right. Normal urine has a temperature similar to the human body temperature which is 37 degrees Celsius. Your sample has to be around this value for it to pass through undetectable.

For this purpose, all our selected kits include heaters or heat activator powder to help you get the right temperature for your sample. The included temperature strip will help you accurately measure the temperature of your sample.


– Requires no preparation
– Extremely convenient and easy to use
– Perfectly imitates real human urine
– Has the same texture and smell
– Comes with heaters to help maintain sample temperature
– Premixed solution


– Shorter shelf life as compared to powdered urine

Powdered Synthetic Urine

The second type is powdered synthetic urine. Powdered synthetic urine is actually dehydrated urine, made by eliminating all water content from real human urine. Because it is actually dehydrated human urine, it has the same composition and chemical properties.

Powdered synthetic urine comes in glass or plastic vials along with a preparation bottle to make the sample solution. Powdered synthetic urine requires a bit of preparation beforehand. What you’ll have to do is pour the powdered urine into the preparation bottle and add distilled water to it.

Once you’ve added the water, shake the bottle vigorously to make a consistent, clear solution. Make sure that there is no residue settling at the bottom of the bottle.

Remember to only use distilled water when making a sample from powdered urine. A lot of people make the mistake of using tap water which ruins the whole solution and your sample becomes detectable.

A sample made from powdered synthetic urine has an incredible resemblance to real urine. It even foams up, making it look even more realistic.


– Actual dehydrated human urine
– Exact chemical composition as that of real urine
– Long shelf life
– Easier to store
– Simple preparation method, just add water and shake


– The sample has to be prepared beforehand and it can be difficult to get it right
– Cannot be used in a surprise drug test

How We Made The List Of The Best Synthetic Urine Kits

As discussed earlier, you can be asked to take a drug test for multiple reasons in school or at work. The results of this drug test go permanently on your record and can potentially affect your career. In legal situations in court, a negative report can result in heavy fines and even jail time, something you should avoid at all costs.

And with the advanced drug testing technology now being used, even minute amounts of recreational substances, including alcohol, can end up as red flags on your report. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are now using fake urine kits to pass important drug tests.

But with so many different products in the market, it often gets difficult to choose the right product. Moreover, there are a lot of sub-standard products out there that can not only cause you to fail your drug test but also put you at risk of getting caught using a fake sample. This will not only result in embarrassment but also in serious consequences, even legal action.

This is why, after considerable research, we have made a list of the best, most reliable synthetic urine kits. All kits included in our list are from reputable brands that have decades of experience in the field. Moreover, their high success rate is clear evidence that these kits work!

A lot of different parameters were considered while compiling this list. Here is a summary of some of them.


The first factor we considered while compiling this list was reliability. The synthetic urine you’re using for your sample needs to be undetectable so you can pass your drug test effortlessly without getting caught.

All products included in our list are 100 percent reliable and from trustworthy brands. Use them according to the given instructions for the best results.

Brand Reputation

While making this list, we made sure to only add products from well-known, reputable brands with a positive track record. All our included brands have years of experience in the field and manufacture the best, most high-quality products.

Success Rate

We checked how successful the product was in clearing drug tests before giving it a place on our list. All our included products have high success rates, and have helped hundreds of people pass their urine tests with flying colors.

Customer Experience

Customer experience can be judged by reading reviews which can reveal a lot about the product. While compiling this list, we went through customer reviews of dozens of urine kits and only included those with a majority of positive ones. Each of our selected kits has received hundreds of amazing customer reviews which can be viewed on the brands’ official websites.


We carefully considered product prices while making this list and only included affordable ones. All synthetic urine kits on our list are of the highest quality and are neither too cheap nor too expensive.

What Are The Other Uses Of Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine has a variety of uses besides helping users clear drug tests. Since this urine is completely clean, you can use it to do amusing pranks on your friends to get a good laugh. Moreover, fake urine is used in the adult entertainment industry for specific genre videos.

Synthetic urine is also used in the medical industry for research purposes and by medical students for various experiments and studies. Farmers also spray fake urine on their fields to keep pests away.

FAQs About Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Q1. What is the shelf life of synthetic urine?

The shelf life of synthetic urine, in simple terms, means how long the urine is good for use. Most synthetic urine kits have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years.

Q2. Can you freeze synthetic urine?

Yes, synthetic urine can be frozen however it is not recommended since freezing and de-freezing can affect the test results.

Q3. Can the test detect synthetic urine?

No, a drug test cannot detect synthetic urine if it is of high quality.

Q4. Can you hide synthetic urine in drug tests?

Yes, there are multiple ways to sneak synthetic urine into a drug test.

Q5. What is the cost of synthetic urine?

High-quality synthetic urine kits usually range from $ 40 to 200, but there are even more costly kits available as well.

Q6. How much synthetic urine do I need?

You need enough synthetic urine to fill the test vial given to you by the lab examiner.

Q7. Is synthetic pee unisex?

Yes, synthetic pee is unisex since male and female urine has the same composition.

Q8. Is synthetic urine legal?

Yes, the sale and purchase of synthetic urine are entirely legal.

Final Thoughts On Fake Pee Brands

Use our best synthetic urine kits without any hesitation to clear important drug tests if you feel that you might fail otherwise. These kits come with lab-synthesized fake urine that is 100 percent undetectable, keeping you safe at all times.

All our selected kits have high success rates and have helped hundreds of people pass their drug screenings effortlessly. So use any of them to get a clean report on your drug test.