How Do I Find Out What Engagement Ring She Wants?

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How Do I Find Out What Engagement Ring She Wants?

So, it's time to pop the question, but you're asking yourself: How do I find out what engagement ring she wants..?

Popping the question? But … wait. Is she a princess, round, or cushion-cut type of girl? Does she prefer a small centre-stone or a bigger one? Finding answers to such questions is extremely important if you want to see her smile naturally on being proposed to.

Yeah, we get it. You don’t want to spoil the surprise by asking her, “hey, my love, What shall I get you to pop the big question”? So, is there a way to find what type of engagement ring she wants without her knowing?

Definitely. And not just one; we can help you with multiple ways to find out her engagement ring preferences even without asking her.

So, if you are in the dilemma of determining what cut, shape, or colour she wants her engagement ring to be, this post is for you. Here we have outlined some really helpful tips to guide you through your tough mission of popping the big question with her dream ring in hand.

Let’s get started.

How Do I Find Out What Engagement Ring She Wants?

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Stalk Her Online

Literally, do it. Women often Tweet, post, and Pin the things that interest them. So, the simplest thing you can do here is to keep a check on your partner’s social handles for pictures, posts, shares, and retweets to get clues into the styles they like. It’s quite possible to find a dream engagement ring she may have pinned on her Pinterest, or has probably liked a few of her friends’ rings on Facebook or Instagram.

Let The BFF Come In

If there’s one person to know about her ring preferences, it’s her best friend. Come on. We all do it: share all our secret fantasies with our best friends. Ask her best friend if she has shared her diamond ring preferences with them. You can also ask her mom or sister about the same.

If not, they will certainly tell you about her taste and style and can guide you in the right direction. Should luck play fair, they can help you shop for her dream ring. But yes, you can get most of the details about your partner’s ring preferences from her closest friends and family. (Conversely, if you have particular ideas about mens wedding bands, then don’t forget to mention it to your best pals…)

Let Her Style Speak

If figuring out a specific ring design seems hard, you can determine her style. Yes, you can try to find out what type of ring she would love to receive. A good way of knowing this is to observe her in day-to-day life. Observe her closely, what she dresses, what jewellery she wears, and what are her styling preferences and try to get some idea. Here’s how you can conclude:

If she wears jeans and boots, consider an engagement ring that’s minimal, clean, and spare. Does she have a singular style or is she a kick ass rock chick? Choose something off the cuff like a snake ring. Is she in a profession where she uses her hands a lot? For instance, an artist or a surgeon? Then consider a ring setting that sits low on her finger to lower the risk of damage to the stone.

How Do I Find Out What Engagement Ring She Wants?

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Pay Attention To Her Jewellery Closet

Take a cue from the jewellery pieces she owns. Are they minimal designs with minor details? Does she wear gold jewellery? Is she someone who loves plenty of sparkles? Does she prefer small or large stones that stand out as a statement? Or does she avoid jewellery altogether? If yes, consider finding a really subtle ring, something that doesn’t catch much attention. So, keep an eye on her jewellery pieces, and you might be able to see what type of engagement ring she wants.

Discuss Marriage

You can discuss any of your friend’s or cousin’s marriage that has recently happened. Discuss what you liked or disliked. It’s possible that she also begins dropping hints about what she has in her mind regarding your marriage. You never know if she hints what type of engagement ring she expects. Pay attention to what she all says whenever the topic comes up.

Ask a Friend To Take Her to the Jeweller

If nothing works for you, reach out to a close friend. Ask one of her closest friends to take her window shopping for jewellery. Ask her to ‘randomly’ take her to a jewellery store and exchange ideas about their engagement ring preferences. This is a full-proof way of learning what she wants exactly without her knowing.

The Final Say

If nothing works, get her a classic ring design, say a classic solitaire. Based on your budget, you can choose the stone size, colour, and setting. And if you really want it to be her choice, simply break the silence and ask her right away. This will have her with you on your engagement ring-buying journey where you can spend some time together, have fun, know each other even better and make memories to cherish forever. After all, it’s about making each other happy and staying together.