Optimise Facebook Ad Creative

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Optimise Facebook Ad Creative

If you have a product, you simply can't ignore Facebook advertising. Discover how to optimise facebook ad creative for better results...

Social media has taken our world by storm. This is the virtual arena where everybody fights but only the fittest wins the game of survival. One such platform is Facebook which is renowned for both social and business uses. From simple birthday posts to engaging marketing campaigns, it has got you covered. To buy FB followers and page likes may sound very simple to get a rapid growth but setting ads may not be that simple task as it involves decoding certain intricacies.

Five Steps to Optimise Facebook Ad Creative for Better Results

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Get ready to gain popularity on Facebook with the help of the five steps mentioned in this article. These are the secret tips that will increase engagement, drive more traffic on Facebook and take your account to the next level. Incorporate these growth hacks and strategies to increase your reach on Facebook. After reading this article, you will be able to increase your CTR, lower your CPC, and reach a high ROI.

1. Know the purpose of your ad campaign: Marketing is all about what and how. Hence, you need to understand the purpose of your campaign. Only then can you decide the type of Facebook ad creative you’re going to use. You have ample options. Go further and educate people about building an audience or just generate leads for your business. Besides this, you will always have the option to run a retargeting ad. This tip will enable you to gain popularity on Facebook in a short time.

Don’t forget to give value to your creativity. You will gradually discover distinct types of Facebook video and image creation for more engagement. You must know the reality and only focus on topics and elements that intrigue your audience.

2. Optimise your ad creative: Get ready to unleash the value proposition of your brand. This step is extremely crucial and its negligence may cost you dear. You should uncover the cheat code for Facebook ad placements. These are three categories namely desktop news feed, desktop right column, and mobile. All these three must be segregated for optimising your campaign. Likewise, you should create separate ad sets for mobile and desktop. This part deals with video as well as image ad optimisation.

Video ad optimisation: Here comes your favourite part. As per video marketing statistics, most people today are obsessed with videos as they are more engaging and offer value for money. However, they are not aware of the fact that every part of a video is equally important. In this light, the significance of video content becomes inevitable. Video content has gained autonomy over time and will result in a profitable sales funnel.

Five Steps to Optimise Facebook Ad Creative for Better Results

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Facebook image ads optimisation: Now that you have optimised video ads, let’s shift to images. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Hence, you should try to increase engagement of your Facebook Page with appealing graphics. A pro tip here is that you can choose something that will blend with other images. You should possibly avoid organic images and go for ones that contain people. We recommend using your photograph as it will establish a sense of trust.

Five Steps to Optimise Facebook Ad Creative for Better Results


3. Categorise your ads: As the name suggests, this part deals with different elements of your ad. These are three aspects namely ad design, targeting, and miscellaneous. Create an effective ad design that includes image, text, headline, CTA, and value proposition. The next stop is targeting in which you set the scope of your ad. Parameters such as location, gender, interests, age, etc. are crucial in this regard. Finally, you will get your hands dirty on the product page, ad placement, and ad type.

4. Implement the FTO method: FTO is the abbreviated form of Fast Take Off. In some cases, you may have to wait for a few days before your campaign starts yielding sizeable results. This is applicable in situations where your budget is limited. There are certain conditions associated with this method.

— You should assign daily or lifetime budgets.
— You may even not prefer using the Accelerated delivery option for bringing more quality.
— After reaching the target of 10,000+ impressions, you will uncover the aspects that are responsible for your win or loss.

5. Ad rotation: Very few people are aware of the fact that ad frequency matters a lot. So, why take it lightly? Research has proven that there is an inverse relationship between the frequency of your ad and audience interest. Make sure you optimise your ads in the right way so that people don’t get bored. We recommend setting up a campaign having multiple ad sets and different days of scheduling the same.

In a nutshell, we can say that every tip mentioned in this article is unique in itself and will provide you an edge over other users. If you want exceptional results, just find out the right strategy and implement it. Go ahead and be a rising star on Facebook.