Travelling With Your Pet

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Travelling With Your Pet

Travel is an amazing thing, but leaving your furry friends behind is not. Discover all you need to know about travelling with your pet...

We all love taking trips to new places and discovering new things. What we don’t love, however, is leaving our furry friends behind. If you think about it, bringing your pet along to experience some of that adventure could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them.

All You Need to Know About Travelling With Your Pet

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There are ways to bring them along, and it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Here’s how to travel with your pet.

Invest in a Good Carrier: It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have; you need to invest in a good carrier for them. If you usually take your cat to the vet with a leash and harness, that’s all well and good. However, that will not be adequate on an airplane, bus, or car ride.

Consider getting a sturdy, ventilated carrier for your pet so you can carry them around safely. I did some research online and am really happy with my investment. A good carrier isn’t just for their safety either. When you have a good pet carrier, your pet feels safe and comfortable inside and they won’t get anxious or scared of their surroundings.

The people around you are also protected in case your animal gets anxious and their fight instincts kick in. Your little chihuahua might be the most precious and loving little animal in the world at home, but you don’t want their first experience travelling on a bus to end in a hospital visit and lawsuit.

Here’s a quick checklist to follow when investing in a pet carrier:

— It should allow your furry friend to turn around and stand up comfortably.
— It should be properly aerated with several holes in the sides.
— It should have locking mechanisms around. The top should come off if these locking mechanisms are released.
— The door should be made of strong metal and have a spring lock that requires two fingers to unlock.

All You Need to Know About Travelling With Your Pet

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Research Methods of Transportation: We all know that airplanes allow dogs, it’s just a matter of where they will be stowed. If you’re not a fan of putting your dog or cat in the cargo area of the plane (and why would you be?) then you need to research what flights, buses, trains, and other methods of transportation will let you keep your precious cargo in your lap or in the seat next to you.

All You Need to Know About Travelling With Your Pet

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If you decide to go with an airline that allows your pet to fly in the cabin with you, be aware of any regulations such as size and breed. So, if you are flying with a large dog, you might run into some issues. Airlines can be very accommodating most of the time if you call well in advance to let them know what your plan is.

If you’re travelling by car, your small animals should absolutely be in the carrier we discussed earlier. Cats and dogs should not be allowed to roam the cabin of your vehicle. If your pet gets restless or uncomfortable, you can pull over (safely) and let them out for a few minutes but while the car is moving, pets should be securely fastened to the seat or in a carrier.

Bring Plenty of Water and Treats: One of the biggest dangers for pets on long trips is dehydration. You need to ensure that you have enough water for them so they are encouraged to stay hydrated. You also need to consider that your pet’s GI tract is used to one kind of food and water. Stick to bottled water and food from home to avoid their stomach from becoming upset.

Finally, bring along a portable, sturdy, and collapsible water bowl so your pet can drink whenever they feel the need to. Travelling with your pet can be a fun experience. As long as you follow these tips to stay safe, your pet will have just as much fun as you!