hitchBOT Found Decapitated


hitchBOT Found Decapitated

Hitchhiking Canadian robot, hitchBOT, found tragically decapitated early into his cross-U.S. journey...

In a stark reminder of how sad the human race is, a hitchhiking robot — whose travels were entirely dependent upon the kindness of people — has painfully discovered that people are pretty fucked up. A quick watch of the video below, in which hitchBOT outlines plans for his cross-United States journey, is enough to bring a smile to even the hardest of faces — or so you’d imagine. Turns out some nice folk in Philadelphia didn’t raise a smile, instead decapitating the poor little bugger, and leaving him for dead.


hitchBOT in Boston, just days before his untimely demise

“Oh dear, my body was damaged, but I live on with all my friends. Sometimes bad things happen to good robots!” Tweeted hitchBOT on Saturday, whilst Toronto journalist Lauren O’Neil published a graphic image (below, for those with a strong constitution) of the crime scene yesterday.

Having completed trips in Canada, Germany and The Netherlands, hitchBOT’s short-lived American adventure began in Salem, Massachusetts mid-July; his sights set on San Francisco. With a bucket list that included hearing jazz music in New Orleans; taking a selfie with the Hollywood sign; being Sleepless in Seattle and ‘VEGAS!’, the little fella’s adventures and ambitions stopped sadly short this weekend — reminding us that hitching in the United States can be a dangerous game. Remember kids, humans get decapitated too.

With big names in science like Stephen Hawking constantly warning us of the Orwellian doom that robots and artificial intelligence could cause, little hitchBOT’s story is an unpleasant cautionary tale for those with chips and circuits for brains: humans are evil, keep your LED-faced, plastic-and-tin-bodied offspring safe in these dark times.

Via: Paleofuture


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hitchBOT Decapitated
hitchBOT Decapitated