Creative Proposal Ideas

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Creative Proposal Ideas

Popping the question to the love of your life? Make the moment even more special with these creative wedding proposal ideas...

Proposing to your would-be spouse involves not just the proper timing, but also preparation. And sure, anyone can take a knee and pop the question right then and there, but there are times when you have to go beyond the usual to make this event even more momentous for you and your partner. That’s when creative proposal ideas are called for. So, go above and beyond and make your wedding proposal a memory you wouldn’t want to trade for anything else.

Make the moment even more special with these creative wedding proposal ideas

Photo, Alexandra Gornago.

Make the moment even more special with these creative wedding proposal ideas

Photo, Nathan Dumlao.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t like a sense of mystery in their life? Nothing makes a marriage proposal more memorable than surprising your would-be spouse. Look up awesome scavenger hunt ideas where he or she follows clues that lead to a treasure. Make the trail intricate so your partner won’t suspect a thing, and to make sure to keep him or her guessing.

Creative Proposal Ideas: Make a Secret Video

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2. Make a Secret Video

Another way you can surprise your partner with creative proposal ideas is to upload a video on YouTube that ends with the words “Will You Marry Me.” One way you can do this is to make the first few seconds seem like a standard lyric video before it shifts to a series of short vignettes of the best times you have had, culminating in a beautiful message of taking your relationship to a whole new level. After uploading the video, send your spouse the link and ask him or her to watch it. They won’t suspect a thing.

Go Ziplining

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3. Go Ziplining

If your partner is someone who is always up for extreme adventures, you can take your marriage proposal to greater heights … literally. For this, you can go ziplining at an adventure park. Go first and, as your partner zips toward you, get a few friends to wait down below and set up a message large enough for him or her to see.

Hire Buskers

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3. Hire Buskers

During a date to a park, pass by a busker who can play Train’s Marry Me. Little does your partner know that busker is actually a musician you hired to say a little message at the end. As you do down on one knee, the busker will set the mood that may end up being your song for the first dance.

Go on a Hike

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4. Go on a Hike

When it comes to proposing, the usual places would be a restaurant or a theme park or somewhere crowded. But if you want your marriage proposal extra sentimental, you can go travelling out of town and hike up to a spot where you can view the sunset together. This should be the opportune moment to get down on one knee and pop the question.

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Rent a Hot Air Balloon

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5. Rent a Hot Air Balloon

Has your loved one got a head for heights? Let’s find out. Book yourself a hot air balloon ride, soak up the sights, and take a bottle of champagne. And don’t forget the ring. When the day is at its most romantic, carefully go down on one knee (you don’t want to rock the basket with a sudden movement) and pop the question. What’s the worst that can happen? They’re unlikely to bail on you. At this point, at least.

There are a million ways to say “I love you,” and there are a million more ways to ask “will you marry me?” So, go beyond the usual and make the moment valuable for you and your partner. For sure, you will be talking about it as you celebrate your anniversary for the years to come.