The Fat Pig, Hong Kong


The Fat Pig, Hong Kong

Top chef Tom Aikens hogs the Hong Kong dining scene limelight with new noise-to-tail venture...

I’m not entirely abreast of cultural conventions in Hong Kong, but if someone asked me out to this new Causeway Bay restaurant, they might be in for a slap. Tom Aikens should know better. The reputed British chef, who trained alongside Pierre Koffmann and Jöel Robuchon — before, at 26, becoming the youngest chef to hold two Michelin stars — is rather hoping his pigs are fat; his new Hong Kong eatery The Fat Pig employing a nose-to-tail philosophy that will surely benefit from porkier pigs.

The Fat Pig, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

“Leave no part behind” reads the neon sign at Aikens’ latest international opening, where the top chef will be barbecuing; baking; braising; steaming; and slow-roasting every last inch of one of his favourite meats.

Long time collaborators, London-based studio Michaelis Boyd Associates, have given the porcine temple a look that fuses posh diner with an inkling of rusticity; Asian street markets are recalled through choice materials. “It’s not just about ribs and pork chops. I want to encourage less-adventurous diners to try cuts they’ve never had before”, Aikens pronounces, as HK’s gourmands squeal with delight. (Sorry.)


The Fat Pig by Tom Aikens
The Fat Pig, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
The Fat Pig Causeway Bay
The Fat Pig Hong Kong by Tom Aikens