Anna Strupinskaya, ABRAU Bar Stool

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Anna Strupinskaya, ABRAU Bar Stool

Russian designer highlights waste with bar stool fashioned from over 300 champagne corks...

Russian designer Anna Strupinskaya has created a bar stool from 300+ champagne corks, in a project which addresses both functionality and ecological issues.

The soft Abrau-Dyurso champagne (which is Russian champagne, so therefore shouldn’t really be called champagne, but that’s a different matter) corks not only make for comfortable seating but, according to the Moscow-based designer, helps “recycle the planet’s resources and make people think of tons of stuff that’s wasted every day”.

The legs and frame made of steel reinforcement, and combined with durable mounting of corks, ensures Strupinskaya’s ABRAU bar stool is a sturdy proposition. We’ll drink to that.

ABRAU bar stool
Anna Strupinskaya
Abrau Durso