BJØRK, Florence


BJØRK, Florence

Florence concept store BJØRK swerves pretentiousness in favour of all things nice...

Usually, in this space in between the lead image and the rest of the images, in and around the smaller image, I’d write some things about the subject of the story. But I kinda think the vindictive sods Florence concept store BJØRK have ruined all that for me.

BJØRK, Florence

You see, BJØRK have a nice-looking decal in their window that renders I, your storyteller, futile. “We Sell Nice Things” it reads. And they do. They’ve summarised exactly what I should, in four bloody words.

I don’t need to elaborate — those four words and the images should suffice — but I need to feel useful around here, so let me try: Nice space. Nice window display. Nice clothes. Nice arty magazines. Nice cactus (I don’t know if you can buy that, but everything has a price, right?). Nice books. Nice design objects. Nice things.

What that excellently-concise summary doesn’t tell you is that BJØRK host regular events, and showcase up-and-coming artists, and invite you to drop by for a browse, have a chat — this is not one of those stuffy, pretentious concept stores, this is a celebration of all that’s nice in design and in fashion, in music and in lifestyle … just a bloody nice place. For nice people. With nice things.


Bjork Florence

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