Candelaria, Paris

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Candelaria, Paris

The tiny Parisian taqueria and bar that finally ignited the city's passion for Mexican food...

Paris is crammed to the rafters with plenty of cafés and restaurants serving up great French cuisine, so it’s no wonder that foreign imports don’t usually make too many waves on the city’s dining scene.

Quixotic Projects' Candelaria, Paris

Here’s a place that’s got folks sitting up and taking notice though: a Mexican taqueria and bar in the Haute-Marais going by the rather romantic name of Candelaria. The bustling crowd of regulars includes many ex-pats from Britain and America — two forward-thinking countries that wholeheartedly embraced Mexican food last century — attracted by a simple yet well-aimed menu of tacos and tostadas and the equally punchy cocktail selection.

Quixotic Projects, the team behind Candelaria and sister venues Glass, Le Mary Celeste, and Hero, clearly know their markets, pitching the design accordingly. The eatery is located at the front, and is a compact little space overlooked by the open kitchen. Head further inside and you’ll find the bar, packed with heat-quenching drinks to take the edge of the food’s notably authentic levels of spice. It’s a much darker and more intimate space back here, with candlelight augmenting sparse electric lighting. Low ceilings paired with bare stone walls adds to the almost cave-like hideaway vibe.


Photography, Diane Yoon