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Beuster Bar

Buzzed-about Berlin restobar Beuster is equally at home serving cocktails or chow...

It’s usually the case with restobars that they are set up to favour either dining or drinking, and you know which one as soon as you walk in. Some places will be full of folks neatly arranged around tables enjoying a good nosh in orderly fashion, making a drink at the bar seem a bit of an intrusion. Conversely, there’s nothing to recommend trying to eat in a place full of loud and unsteady boozers wheeling past and spilling their tipple over your veal schnitzel. Berlin’s Beuster Bar, however, is that rare venue that caters equally well to both crowds, and crowds is the operative word at this new yet already hugely popular Neukölln establishment.

Whether you’re stopping in for the renowned steak tartare or a few of the generously made cocktails, Beuster Bar delivers the goods. I’m always keen to discover the provenance of a place’s name, and on this occasion I believe it refers to the original owner from circa 1905 who was a well-known transsexual, unless something has been lost in translation. Anyway, there’s a pleasantly old-fashioned feel to the interior, which marries glazed white and green tiling and period wood panelling and seating with stripped back plasterwork and a top notch ceiling mural above the bar.

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