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Al Tun Tún

Valencia restaurant Al Tun Tún has the wow factor thanks to an interactive central kitchen...

From oil soaked garage to stylish Euro bistro, this building in the centre of Valencia has come a long way since it was constructed in the 1930s. Sandra Tarruella Interioristas is the firm that takes the credit for the creation of Al Tun Tún, which was inspired by French bistros of the 19th Century but developed to incorporate contemporary design and a relaxed dining philosophy.

The restaurant’s centrepiece — an open kitchen in the middle of the dining area — is visible from the street. The large wooden-framed windows, shaded by classic European awnings, create a great visual exchange between the cosseted patrons and the outside world, and even give the chefs a chance to enjoy some natural light as they cook. The placement of the kitchen, linked to the dining room by the bar, also gives diners a great view, and injects some theatricality into the whole customer experience — there are even stools from which a few customers can get involved in the preparation process. A double-height interior adds to the roomy feel at Al Tun Tún, and the generous dimensions afforded the opportunity for the architects to add a small mezzanine. Oh, and let’s mention those lights.


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Al Tun Tún Valencia
Photography, Meritxell Arjalaguer