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Host your own art exhibitions with Acne's new digital canvas streaming service Curater...

How do you fancy hanging some of the most iconic works of art ever created on your wall? Got room for a Warhol or a Pollock in the living room, or maybe something from the contemporary art scene? Unless you have a suitcase full of cash handy or some serious burglary skills, such ambitions have probably been limited to a few framed prints, but now a new technology-based system called Curater has launched that streams a regularly changing collection of top art straight to your home or office.

Curater is a service from the ACNE creative collective (you might have heard of their little-known fashion brand, Acne Studios) which sends curated art collections through the wireless ether to an ultra thin high definition LED canvas display. The exclusive service works on subscription and is invitation only, with the initial roll-out limited to just 500 users. The lucky few will be treated to between six and eight exhibitions per year put together with the involvement of world-leading art institutions and curators, and featuring internationally-renowned artists. There is a range of screen sizes available to suit every wall and budget (possibly), and sign up is now open on the Curater website. A random 50 people who join will receive a free screen, which is rather nice.

Curater Art Service by ACNE Curater Art Service by ACNE Curater Art Service by ACNE