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Tickets Dessert Bar

There's a sweet new addition to the Adriàs' Barcelona restaurant Tickets...

Four years in and there’s a bit of reshuffling going on at Tickets – the post-elBulli bar and restaurant project from the Adriàs – as the Barcelona phenomenon continues to evolve. Designers El Equipo Creativo have been back to add a little slice of sweetness to the mix in the form of a dessert bar, conceived in conjunction with El Taller de Piñero and main man Albert Adrià himself. Adrià says he wanted to base the space on the idea of children’s stories, and the influence of the set design of the Alice in Wonderland and Charlie in the Chocolate Factory films are clear to see in the use of giant berries and flowers that festoon the ceiling.

The installation is made up of more than 1,000 hand-painted pieces of fibreglass resin fruit, flowers and foliage which were put together in just one month using prototype moulds that developed during the mini project; the designers also had to make sure the weight of the pieces didn’t bring the whole thing crashing down on unsuspecting diners. The magical space is also blessed with bespoke tables and chairs, along with whimsical birdcages and table centrepieces. The desserts bar looks set to maintain this venue’s status as the hottest ticket in town.


Tickets Dessert Bar — BarcelonaTickets Dessert Bar — BarcelonaTickets Dessert Bar — BarcelonaTickets Dessert Bar — BarcelonaTickets Dessert Bar — Barcelona