Tim van de Weerd, Monstera

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We dig these frighteningly well-designed plant pots from Tim van de Weerd...

These plant pots by Tim van de Weerd are the kind of thing you’d have to warn house guests about before the came to stay. Imagine getting up in the night to use the bathroom and finding them crouched in a dark corner of the landing. You’d hear the screams in the next street. The Monstera pots have made quite an impression at their launch during Dutch Design Week 2014 in Eindhoven, bringing newcomer van de Weerd to the attention of the design community and leaving them curious as to what he’ll come up with in the future.

Maybe it’s the slightly spidery look to the legs which support the pots’ weight. Maybe it’s their resemblance to pulled teeth, with long, buckled roots. It could be the suggestion, brought about by a dynamic quality to the legs, of sentience. Whatever it is about the Monstera pots, it works superbly well. They carry botanical names – Monstera Magnifica and Monstera Fugiens (fleeing) – as they are intended to function as a part of the plant they contain, taking a normally static object off the window sill and bringing it to life. Epoxy clay is applied to the hand-bent steel bars that act as the legs; the metal gives the seemingly fragile legs plenty of strength. Contact Tim directly if you’re interested in giving your place a bit of a Day of the Triffids vibe.

Tim van de Weerd — Monstera Tim van de Weerd — Monstera Tim van de Weerd — Monstera Tim van de Weerd — Monstera Tim van de Weerd — Monstera