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Studio Job curate first collection of design goodies at New York concept boutique...

Dutch designers Studio Job are the first to take up curating duties at Chamber, an exquisite New York boutique dedicated to unearthing the best in limited edition design, objects and art. The concept comes from Argentinian founder Juan Garcia Mosqueda, who imagined a modern-day reinterpretation of the Renaissance-era “cabinet of curiosities” transplanted into a Chelsea gallery premises. Every two years the owner will choose a new creative team or individual to ring the changes, bringing their individual tastes and interests to Chamber.

Chamber has been designed by architect practice MOS, in a Neil Denari building beneath the High Line. The space is full of wall niches and vaulted ceilings – features referencing religious architecture and creating a reliquary atmosphere. With the High Line acting as the de facto ground level, Chamber’s location has something of a subterranean vibe. It’s also pretty cavernous with plenty of room for Studio Job to arrange their Chamber Collection #1 pieces. Job were chosen to kick things off for their passion for collecting – a trait shared by Garcia Mosqueda – and as with all curators, they will serve as art directors and have a hand in the design and production of many of the collection’s objects. Job is also working with a raft of fellow designers and makers including emerging talents (Formafantasma, Esther Janssen) and established figures (Piet Hein Eek, Tom Dixon).

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Photography © Matthew Williams