Lufthansa ‘Inspired By’ Travel Series


Flying High

There's much more to Lufthansa's flight attendants than meets the eye...

Devin Swanson loves his job, and who can blame him? At 21 years old, he’s already been to the ends of the Earth and back in his time as a First Class flight attendant for premium airline Lufthansa. These days there are so many airlines to choose from, but a plane is a plane – the real difference lies in the personal experiences of the passengers, and the cabin crew shapes those experiences from take-off to touch-down.

It’s not just onboard the plane where Lufthansa cabin crew excel. The next time you are flying with the airline, take a closer look at your flight attendant. Does she have an extra spring in her step? Does she move with a certain grace, and turn with a precise flourish? Can she expertly balance a tray of Martinis through sudden turbulence? It’s possible you are being looked after by Ann Obinyan, who leads an exotic double life as a flamenco dancer.

By day, Ann is the model of professionalism in the smart uniform of Lufthansa’s cabin crew, but by night, it’s all change as she opts for the frilled dresses of the passionate Spanish dance. The cafés and bars of Madrid – her adopted second home – exert a powerful pull and Ann travels there every couple of months, but she finds a way to express her natural rhythm wherever she is in the world. First trying flamenco at 14, Ann was immediately hooked, although it took a few years to master the dance’s seductive blend of passion and technique.

The stories of Devin and Ann are just two in a series of films Deutsche Lufthansa has produced, showing how travel can positively influence other aspects of life. The airline’s surprising and entertaining #inspiredby #travel series can be seen here, while there are more stories and updates on the exploits of the Lufthansa family, which includes artists, triathletes, film-makers and more, on their Facebook page.


Lufthansa Inspired By Travel Series Lufthansa Inspired By Travel Series Lufthansa Inspired By Travel Series Lufthansa Inspired By Travel Series