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Meike Harde shows that furniture needn't be a drag...

With house prices on the high side at the moment, a lot of people are being forced to rent, which is fine until the landlord sticks the price up and it’s time to shift your 18th Century mahogany chest of drawers down seven flights of stairs and into the back of your mate’s scabby Transit.

Young German designer Meike Harde is offering an alternative to traditional furniture, pointing out the function of wardrobes and cabinets is basically dust protection and to a lesser extent decoration. Why make it so heavy? The designer’s LONDON collection – presented at this year’s Tent London – takes a different approach, offering a wardrobe, cabinet, stool and storage unit made using lightweight materials and clever construction that makes the whole suite a much easier proposition to move around with. Metal rods fit together to form frames on which custom made textiles are fitted, using tension for stability and aesthetics. Our favourite is the rhombic tower intended to store underwear and accessories, but as the material is semi-transparent, those novelty Simpsons boxer shorts will have to go.


Meike Harde — LONDON Meike Harde — LONDON Meike Harde — LONDON Meike Harde — LONDON

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Meike Harde — LONDON Meike Harde — LONDON Meike Harde — LONDON