Happy Shop


Happy Shop

Cheerful Berlin fashion store boosted by theatrical rigging...

Happy Shop in Berlin is a changeable shop cum exhibition space with theatrical aspirations; the stage-inspired pavilion from architects Fingerle & Woeste feels like a set rather than just a retail store, and it’s rigged like one too. Instead of hoisting Peter Pan around a stage, here a fly system is used to raise and lower display racks, resulting in a configurable space with a sense of dynamism.

Those mechanisms are probably the most complicated aspect of Happy Shop, on Torstrasse 67, which in most other ways keeps things simple through wooden panels on the upper of the two levels and plain white below, with only the occasional blob of colour doubling as a place from which to hang accessories. Off-the-wall applies to the clothes here too; the unusual designs of Minä Perhonen are among many Japanese brands on sale. If you’re looking for something for an eccentric friend’s birthday, look no further than the outré green ensemble, just one of the far-outfits that emit most of the colour at Happy Shop.

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