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We discover a new side of Méjico in Sydney...

Guess what kind of food they serve at Sydney restaurant Méjico, go on, guess. Who said Indian? Idiot. Méjico is the Mexican spelling of Mexico, a variant chosen to add an extra element of authenticity, and head chef Daniel Schai’s menu covers the country’s cuisine from Mexico City to the Yucutan Peninsula with the emphasis on seasonal ingredients to maximise the fresh taste.

Also keeping things fresh is Juicy Design, which turned its back on the well-trodden path of a flag-based colour palette and set out in a new direction – one that includes an arresting shocking pink and black pattern and a wall mural painted directly onto exposed brick and concrete which echoes the Nazca lines found to the south in Peru. Aztec-like circular motifs feature underfoot, and both wall and floor decorations are hand-painted. There’s an overall roughness to the place from the brick, breeze block table supports and huge logs employed as seats, while smoothness is provided by glossy table surfaces, stools and leather. Between the two extremes are patterned textiles and oversized, weaved bell-shaped light shades. By the way, Méjico offers a monumental tequila list. We probably should have put that bit at the top…


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