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Saint Crispin

Shoemaker's workshop turned restaurant is far from cobbled together...

Those who paid attention at Sunday School – or more likely at pub quizzes – will know that Saint Crispin is the patron saint of cobblers, but we’re not talking rubbish when we say that the newly-opened Melbourne restaurant of the same name has plenty of virtues to justify the moniker.

St Crispin, in the Collingwood suburb, is a collaboration between chefs Scott Pickett and Joe Grbac. They formed the partnership after cooking together at double Michelin starred The Square in London before heading to Aus. Scott already knows what works from his solo venue Estelle in Northcote, and together the pair have kept things simple on the interior front. Nonetheless there are some nice touches on view here such as the chequered section of exposed brick and some nicely conceived furniture. The building used to be a shoemaker’s workshop, which gave the restaurant its name, but the only leathery thing you’ll experience here is the seat upholstery – expect the dishes such as Grimaud duck to be as elegant as a ballet slipper.

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