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Creative process behind Chairman Ting's Dunny design revealed...

We’re pleased to announce a couple of our favourite creative characters have unveiled a new creative character of their own – Chairman Ting (aka design visionary Carson Ting and business brains Denise Cheung) are back with a design for the Dunny 2013 collection Side Show.

The cutesy creature made its first appearance in New York last week, at a launch party held by commissioners Kid Robot, having impressed the toy company with work in the duo’s home country of Canada. Being long time fans of Ting’s work (here and here), We Heart was given a peek at the creative process, and our exclusive pics show how the final designs evolved by taking you back to the drawing board. We started trying to describe their Dunny design, got as far as “an alien bunny that’s just floated down from dreamland” and decided you’d better make your own mind up. We know for certain that Dunny is three inches tall, limited edition and very collectible.

Kid Robot has invited 14 artists to design a Dunny for this edition, and sells the toys in a blind box lucky dip kind of way – you don’t know which one you’ve got until you open it up. Fingers crossed – if you want to make sure of getting a Chairman Ting Dunny you could always order the 80 toy maximum limit, the odds are good.

Chairman Ting x DunnyChairman Ting x DunnyChairman Ting x DunnyChairman Ting x DunnyChairman Ting x DunnyChairman Ting x DunnyChairman Ting x Dunny

Images courtesy and © Chairman Ting