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Hong Kong's go-to restaurant for Latin lovers...

Billed as a place with no rules, Brickhouse is a fun and friendly place hidden down an alley in Hong Kong’s entertainment hotspot Lan Kwai Fong, and while the management is chilled, there’s plenty of heat in the atmosphere.

Brickhouse serves up a spicy array of South and Central American food in intentionally weather-beaten surroundings – see for example the mottled concrete floor and the outside tables, fashioned from drums with a sandblasted ageing effect. Splashes of colour are reserved for the giant lizard monster mural that tells diners about the tacos, the colourful dishes like the beet fries, and some flashes of hardy greenery outside. All that’s missing out there is a fellow in a poncho and sombrero, idly watching the tumbleweed blow through, but although the décor is laid-back, the ambience is plenty lively.

It’s an eat with your fingers place, and that kind of informality tends to lower inhibitions. Open until 4am at the weekends, Brickhouse’s 60-shot tequila board recently had its first outing, so don’t make plans to operate any heavy machinery after a visit here.

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