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Prepare to give the plastic a proper flogging at Hong Kong lifestyle store...

WOAW!, or World of Amazing Wonders to give it the full title, is a curated lifestyle concept store in Hong Kong. With a billing like that, we are entitled to expect big things, and Kevin Poon’s treasure trove of specially selected stuff certainly does deliver on both style and substance.

When we say stuff, we mean just that. WOAW! stocks everything from clothing and accessories to stationery, gadgets to fragrances, but what unites the products is exclusivity and desirability that registers in the wallet-frightening red area of the want-o-meter. There’s also things you never knew you needed – how about some $50 cinnamon and mint toothpicks? (That’s Hong Kong Dollars, before you have a stroke.) This shop started out as a designer eyewear pop-up before morphing into retail project Where the WOAW Things Are last year. As well as the hard-to-find merch brought in from around the world, the WOAW brand will also be entering into collaborations with manufacturers to produce exclusive items of its own. Hong Kong consumernauts should set a course to Gough Street asap. Wow and then some.

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