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Flawless Spa

Peeling back the layers of urban Hong Kong spa...

I’m confused. This is a spa, but there are no bowls of floating rose petals?! Whatever next. Flawless, newly opened in Hong Kong, is a far hipper affair than your average spa. Located in a prime city centre spot four floors up on Wyndham Street, it’s a refreshing urban alternative with more impact than the sensory underload usually found in these places.

The team of beauticians can count John Legend and Yoko Ono on their list of previous clients, and Mr Legend is always singing about how much sex he’s having, so we can assume your skin is in safe hands. On to the design then; branding firm Maximal Concepts lead the venture, and its painted slogan on simplicity smacks of false modesty, as someone has been hard at work creating the stylish interior of Flawless. An oriental mural daubed in a graffiti style onto a mottled grey wall is both pretty and gritty, while the Alice in Wonderland door has us wondering what goes on beyond – curioser and curioser, as the Flawless team say themselves – but we suggest you find out.

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