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Blue Butcher

Tucking in to the non-vegetarian option in Hong Kong...

On the one hand, this place is great news if you live in Hong Kong and like eating meat. On the other, vegetarians and farm animals should stop reading now. Carnivores only past this point.

Blue Butcher consists of two main front of house areas, the main dining area and bar, and a separate dining room. The marketing hype is keen to stress an American influence, specifically Lower East Side Manhattan of the 1920s. You’d have to be particularly learned to spot specificity like that 90 years later on the other side of the world, but students of architecture may be able to and the very mention of that country will do wonders for the takings… anyway New York envy aside, this meaty establishment stands comfortably on its own two hooves on the design front, especially the medieval dining room, its long banquet table sitting under chandeliers of wooden (and hopefully blunt) knives, with pointed arch recesses carved out of the far wall.

Naturally, Blue Butcher takes its meat seriously – it has the only salt brick walk-in drying room in Hong Kong, and all the preparation is done in-house; the hanging, drying, curing, and whatever other divers processes go on before the chef gets to work on the cookery. If you haven’t had your fill at the table, head over to the bar, with its handsome fabricated stools, for a pig’s blood martini. The blood may really be beetroot juice, but in every other aspect this cyan carnivore is the real deal for meatheads.

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